weird discover with bundled stretches


Jun 12, 2003
I go to the gym and sometimes do something I shouldn't
do which doesn't help my Penis Enlargement or at least I didn't think it helped.
I drink a drink called Ripped Force. It contains Caffeine and Ephidrine which many of you know decreases blood flow to the penis. One day after working out and drinking one of these terrible drinks, I was going into the bathroom and noticed that sure enough my penis sure did look a little limp. When I did my bundled A-Stretches I was able to twist my penis at least two more turns. Which is because there was absolutely less blood flow in my penis which allowed me to add a few more twists .
It was the best bundled A-Stretch routine I was able to do. Also about half an hour through my routine, I took a Viagra which would allow the blood to flow back into my penis about an hour later.
The results were great. By allowing the extra twists while stretching I noticed my penis looking longer that it ever has about two hours later when the Viagra really was able to kick in and add its effects also. Now, I do not recommend taking this drink unless you do Bundled stretches because it will decrease the blood flow to the penis.


Jun 15, 2003
I take an ECA on a rough Penis Enlargement day (ie day 4 out of 5) and I noticed it does help the mental aspect. The Caffeine/Ephedra helps motivation and the Aspirin helps the pain aspect.


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Jun 18, 2003
They just recently banned ALL ephedrine in New York State. Fuckin' Pataki.

One asshole out of a million dies from the stuff, and it's banned. People die from taking too much aspirin, yet they don't ban that. It's ridiculous.
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