Weak bladder or bad prostrate



Apr 26, 2004
Well guys, do ya piss a lot at night. You know the routine, have a piss go to bed, an hour later, get up have another piss, back to bed, two hours later get up have another piss, and so it goes on all fucking night.

When will I be empty of this piss cycle? Well I have found a product that does help to stop the pissing at night, as well as giving you a whole body orgasm. It cost $49.00 US and is worth every penny. If it is Ok with the moderators I will post the Email address. Please let me know if it is OK to post this?

This is what the manufactures say about it.

What is the Aneros?

The Aneros MGX Massager is a patented anal sphincter-driven, prostate-perineum massager. With the Aneros, men can achieve strong continuous, non-ejaculatory, full body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. We refer to this type of orgasm as the "Dream Orgasm," while many of our users call it the "Super-O."

Innovative Design

The medically researched and designed Aneros was developed specifically to massage what is becoming commonly referred to as the Male G-spot - the prostate, or more specifically, the prostate-perineum. Whereas the primary goal of a prostate massager is to massage the male prostate, the Aneros is by far the most effective of any available massager. It is the only medically researched and patented prostate massager, anatomically designed to work perfectly with the male body.

Hands-Free Self-Propelled Pleasure

What makes the Aneros truly unique is that it is a hands-free, self-propelled device. The Aneros converts the anal sphincter’s natural motions and contractions directly into stimulation of the prostate and perineum, meaning that the user does not use it have to use it manually. That's right, no hands! In fact, we recommend that manual prostate massage only be done by an expert or an urologist. Self massage of the prostate can be dangerous if not done correctly. With the Aneros, this is not a risk because your body tells the Aneros how gently or vigorously the prostate will be massaged.

The Aneros works on its own whereas other available devices require some type of manual intervention, which either requires the help of a partner or the individual being limited to a number of positions that he can effective massage the prostate while manipulating it with his hands. The Aneros has no such limitations. Sitting, standing, bent over, upside down -- there are endless possibilities to the positions that Aneros can be used in.

The New Male Masturbation

Abstract: Human sexuality has long been explored, but recently very few new findings and techniques have been developed. Now, with a newly patented, anal sphincter-driven, prostate-perineum massager, the Aneros Massager, new kinds of strong continuous orgasms are possible. Supported by numerous testimonials, which also served as basis for this article, the Aneros may be the key to the “dream orgasm”.

Human sexuality has long been explored by various media ; classical bibles of sexual instruction, scientific reports, and informational books and magazines all attempt to push back the frontier of this vast domain. However, since the era of Tantra- KamaSutra, few new discoveries in the realm of experiences or techniques have been developed.

Now, in the new era of the millennium, with a new and easy method assisted by a patented, anal sphincter-driven, prostate-perineum Massager (hereafter Aneros Massager), new kinds of strong continuous orgasms are possible through interactive precise stimulation of these points. These orgasms require no high skill or training. It is mostly a physical phenomenon- just like when you pinch your skin you feel pain- when you insert Aneros Massager into your anus and contract your sphincter either voluntarily or involuntarily, you will feel pleasure and reach orgasm. Although the experience can be enhanced by mental exercises, orgasm can be achieved on a purely physical level with the Aneros Massager. Climax is unavoidable; the exercises will instigate a reaction of fierce orgasm that will continue until the exercises are ended. This orgasm is easily controllable by adjusting the degree of stimulation, and long lasting multiple orgasms can be achieved as many times as desired. Intensity and duration of orgasms will increase as your potential develops with practice over time.

In essence, it is the dream orgasm. By converting the anal sphincter’s motions directly into stimulation of the prostate and perineum, the dream becomes a reality. We have received incredible reports from multiple users who are able to enjoy the experience for more than an hour with a succession of 6 or more individual orgasms, each with duration of one to three minutes. Based on this information, we believe that this orgasm far exceeds - in every aspect - those achieved by any other means. Furthermore, these exercises can be practiced independently, without a partner. Your anal sphincter will provide everything you need; perfectly tailored to your own preferences, to experience the most sublime orgasm you have ever known.

This is a monumental occasion for human sexuality in the 21st century. We hope that researchers and specialists in this field will do more to shed light on this remarkable phenomenon. We will offer free Aneros Massagers for such research purposes.
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