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Jun 3, 2003
She had tried to catch him masturbating for the last five years, but aside from occasionally walking in on him during the act, nothing. In those instances he always seemed uncomfortable and immediately tucked his cock back into his shorts. She had dropped numerous hints, had actually outright told him that watching a man jack off was one of her biggest turn ons. Masturbating in front of him had yielded nothing but mind-blowing sex.

Irritated by his modesty, she came up with a plan. Preserving his modesty while giving her the view she wanted was the key. While he was off goofing around with his buddies, she surveyed the house, making notes and plans. A quick trip to the mall for some strategic purchases, then to set the stage.

Perfectionism does not come in handy when one has to move heavy furniture. The bed was easy enough, the dresser almost defeated her. A new privacy screen was placed in a corner near her closet, where a man standing just outside the door could see directly behind it. A new cheval mirror placed just so reflected the empty space in the hall where he would stand.

A week later she sat in the chair behind the screen and sighed. Seven days had passed since the plan went into effect. The only thing missing was him. She hadn't thought about how to get him to the door to see her. From the den below came the sound of him yelling at the TV. One of the basketball players must have scored a touchdown or something. Irritated all over again at him, she picked up a thick hardback book and threw it on the floor, imagining it was his head.

"Hon?" His voice was hard to hear. "You okay?"

She froze, then quickly knocked the chair over. Listening intently, she heard him shut off the TV, then moments later the sound of his feet on the stairs. She was suddenly nervous and excited all at the same time. Her knees were shaking and her nipples were already rock hard. This was it.

He took two steps at a time, his heart pounding with fear. That thumping followed by dead silence had been ominous, what if she'd hurt herself? The bedroom door was open and soft music was playing. Sticking his head through the door, he opened his mouth to call out her name, his eyes already looking for her. He came to a screeching halt, he wouldn't have been surprised if he left skid marks on the carpet.

There she was, his wife doing things only porn queens do. Gawd did he like it. His prick was already beginning to salute her efforts. She was stretching , bending and preening, obviously admiring herself in the narrow old mirror on the closet door. She was wearing one of her long nightgowns, his favorite, the one made of sheer blue lace. Turning around to look at her ass in the mirror, she shook her head and pulled the gown off, tossing it casually over the privacy screen. The motion made her breasts perk up and sway, her nipples stiff and suckable.

She leaned over, bending at the waist, reaching for something out of his view. Without thinking about it, he squeezed his cock through his jeans, eyes glued to her ass perfectly curving down into her gorgeous legs. She stood up, holding something lipstick red and fuzzy. He almost exploded in his pants when she shimmied into it, a velvet and lace teddy with built in garter straps. She sat in the chair and smoothed a pair of bright red stockings onto her legs, adjusting them with long sweeping caresses of her hand.

He licked his lips, watching her fingers move over the silk covered flesh of her legs. Inside his jeans his cock twitched, pressing painfully against his zipper. Standing again, she twisted and wriggled, moving this way and that, once again admiring her reflection in the mirror. She adjusted ties, straps and stockings with deft fingers. Her hands reached up and cupped her breasts, pushing them upwards. She pinched the nipples between her fingers and groaned, a long low sigh of pleasure that he felt zinging down his spine straight to his balls. His dick surged against his jeans insistently.

Slowly, so she wouldn't hear it, he undid the button and lowered the zipper. He pushed down his briefs, wrapping his fingers around his throbbing dick, the relief was instantaneous. Her fingers slid between her sex, disappearing beneath the already damp crotch of her teddy. Watching the wet spot growing on her teddy started his cock dripping cum.

She sat in the chair, wiggling to settle herself on the very edge of it, her pussy pointing upwards. The chair faced the cheval mirror she'd bought a week ago, clearly reflecting her. He was treated to a side view and a full frontal view of her. He watched her fingers dig into her pussy, matching her motions with strokes on his cock. She groaned, undulating in her chair, her eyes half lidded and staring directly at the mirror.

He leaned against the door, unbelievably turned on by the site of his gorgeous wife pleasuring herself. He pinched the tip of his cock, stemming the flow of sperm, he didn't want to cum yet, he wanted this erotic show of hers to go on forever.

She hooked her fingers into the crotch of the teddy and ripped at it, pulling it open with loud snaps, then shoving the loose end up and out of the way. She spread her legs wider, reaching between them and spreading her glistening lips, opening her pussy for him to see. She licked a finger and touched her clit with it, jerking and crying out. As he watched, a rush of cum oozed from deep within her.

The scent of her pussy reached him, making his mouth water . Visions of dropping between her legs and licking up the wetness roared through his brain, replaced seconds later by an overwhelming desire to slide his cock into her instead. He used what was left of his willpower to restrain himself. Watching her do something this intimate was too arousing to stop.

He reached between his legs and grabbed his balls, squeezing the end of his cock again. She slid two fingers deep into her pussy, humping her hips up to meet them as if they were a tiny dick. Wetting his palm with the precum coating the end of his dick, he began massaging it into his cock. His hips jerked, thrusting his cock through his fist, which felt as tight and wet as her gleaming pussy.

Pulling the two shining fingers from her pussy, she slid them into her mouth and delicately sucked at her juices. He shuddered and nearly came. He watched her fingers trail across the velvet teddy back into her even velvetier pussy. The fingers of one hand pistoned in and out of her cunt, fucking herself in rhytHydromax with the finger on her clit. Her ass was squirming all over the chair, bucking against her fantasy lover. She was moaning and panting, loud cries echoing through the room.

Right in front of his eyes he watched his woman dissolve into a toe curling orgasm. She looked incredibly beautiful and sexier than he'd ever seen her. The image of her straining against her fingers and screaming incoherently burned itself into his brain. He couldn't take it anymore, he worked his dick with his fist, feeling his balls tighten up in preparation of his own orgasm.

She couldn't believe what a sexual rush it was to have him watching her. When he pulled his unmistakable wet erection from his jeans and started a slow stroking, so obviously hard from watching her, she started cumming. Intense tiny orgasms that sizzled through her spine, spurring her on to even more exhibitionistic actions.

Then he groaned when she opened her pussy for him. Everything inside her seemed to tighten up, then explode in one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever had. Her eyes were locked on his cock, all pretense gone with her climax. His fist flew over it, turning the head an angry red. His hips were thrusting reflexively, shoving his cock into his hand as if he were in the midst of fucking her pussy instead.

Suddenly he groaned her name, arching his whole body. His hand was moving on his dick, wiggling and pulling it. Spurts of creamy white cum exploded from the tip, spraying out in time with his jerking fist. He continued milking his cock for a few more moments, leaning back against the doorjamb. His finger moved over his dick with long, slow squeezes, producing the final drops of cum.

He had no idea what to say now. Opening his eyes and lifting his head, he met her smiling, replete eyes. He didn't have to say anything after all. Her husky voice washed over him, bringing a stiffening of interest to his dick. "Baby, that was beautiful."