Was this the first BIB?

Oct 11, 2003
Fuckin' shit man that gotta hurt like HELL, Pierced in the head ouch! =/ His balls floats to the dick very odd, look like a cannon.
=D good shit anyway!


As my boy LaShawn might say when something surprises him or catches him offguard...."OH SNAP!!"

Crazy stuff man. I forget what show I was watching late one night on HBO...I think it was something like "Real Sex"....some little midget dude was runnig around this stage with some weights hanging from his penis in a similar fashion. Ouch. Too bad...or maybe good thing that these guys dont know better? Or that they could get bigger if they did this regularly rather than just as a side show act. I figure if all else fails with my future..I can get into some sort of side show act with my BIB hanger ? ;)
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