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First of all i want to say great forums.

Now to the question. Is it ok NOT to do a hot wrap ? I live in scotland and my flat is cold so the wrap loses heat quickly. Also I cant have a bath during the night as it causes too much noise for the flat mates so ive been jelking without a warm up. Will this effect my gains or will it just make me more prone to blood spots (which i notice btw but i aint bothered about them yet, painless).

Also when i jelq i sometimes jelq for an hour and then have another 30 min jelq later in the day, is that too much 1.30 hours a day? Ive only been jelqing for 9 days and i kind of enjoy it thats why i do it for an hour its not a chore to me.

Cheers for reading

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Welcome to the forum growinpains, As a newbie to exercise you should take the time to do a proper warm-up. It does help with the reduction of red spots and helps loosen up the tissues in preparation for exercises. You ask a valid question on warm-up and if it will effect your gains. Several here skip the warm-up, DLD included but that was later in his Penis Enlargement career. Whether or not it effects the workout for sure. No one know but, doing the warm-up does help reduce the chances of injury as a newbie . I would recommend if you can, do the warm-ups. As far as doing the jelqing for 1-1/2 hours per day. If you are comfortable with this, by all means do it. Make sure you add the stretches into your workout....Good Luck.


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Cheers mowinman for the reply. I think ill use a hot waterbottle to warm up, ill go buy one later today.

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