warm wrap question


Hi guys

I know this may sound like a newbie question but its a question about the DLDs paysite instructions. I will currently begin to do MOS phase 2 workout and I am intending to do it in the split routine workout. I will do stretching in the morning and jelqing exercises in the afternoon. In the paysite also described his rotine like a split workout but he put the warm wrap before the stretching and after the only. He put it like it was the whole workout done in one piece I think. If I split the routine in 2 pieces do I have to do the warm wraps after my morning stretching and before my afternoon jelqing? So if I split my workouts in 2 pieces I will have to do warm wrap warming up 2 times and warming down 2 times. Am I correct? Is there anybody else now doing the phase 2 and how do you do it in one piece or split? How much time do you think it would take to do it in one piece?
Thank you for any feedback on this topic.


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