wanna go out on a date, but dont know where 2 got


Oct 30, 2003
I need to ask you fellaz something, I wanna know where to take my girl out at...we've been to every spot you can think of. movies, concerts, plays, resturants, beaches, line dancing, skating, parks, picnics...
im running out of ideas...
she wants to go horseback riding, but its quite costly...
do you think its a good investment?
where else could we go?
I need some ideas fella..please help!

Im thinking about taking her out to all the places we went out to when we first hooked up..its been 4yrs since weve done some of the stuff listed..I need as much feedback as possible please~
Aug 23, 2003
Ice skating is probably THE best date you can take a girl one. That is, if you know how to. I don't know though, if you've been with the girl for a while, it's much harder. I've been with my girl for 2 years now, really hard to find something new.

Horseback riding sounds like a good idea if you have the money. It's pretty fun and a great way to kill a day.


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Jun 4, 2003
Easy! Take her back to your place and do the fuckey dance!



Aug 30, 2003
Okay... Lessee here.....

1) Think of things you can do on your own. Pick out activities you've been wanting to try out of the blue for some time.

Examples: Yoga, martial arts, any arts for that matter.

2) Hobbies that one of you has, try to insight the other person to enjoy the things you like too. Hell, try something you don't know much about... if that doesn't work, try things you once didn't like...

3) Redo some things you've done with a twist ... anything you have done contains lots of variables to change...

4) Stay home n' fuck like rabbits...

5) Enjoy some quiet time at home...

and now for... Randomness!

Massages, sky diving, pottery, smokin' up, chillin', spinning music, philosophy, painting, archery, bungee jumping, ice sculpting, cuddling on couch with movies n' pimp snacks (hot cocoa and popcorn!), going to the gym, fucking in unusual places, getting tattoos, piercings, new hairstyles, hair colors, adopting a cat, hittin' up a hockey game, 4 wheel driving, learning to play instruments, and if all else fails, you both get in the same pair of underwear and stay in 'em for a day...


Jun 23, 2003
its not glamorus Bowling is different and most places serve cocktails. Take a drive out in the country, walk in the woods, light hiking enjoying the quiet. A walk on the beach a picinic with wine on the beach orin the woods. All cheap but different.
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