anyone else using the ventless tuger cone thingy? how's it going for you?

I have to say it is the easiest mo'fo thing to put on i have ever seen. The first time i did it, it was like "woah, you gotta be kidding me". Seriously impressive how it works with its like vacuum setup.

Cant get my head around the straps but i think i must be being thick. Cant seem to get a setup around my waist as i would like to.

So i've toyed with a few 20 mins sets hanging a half kg. No probs. Dont think i'll go the hanging route though, at least not yet. I have a bibhanger junior i'm not using right now either. i want to master manual Penis Enlargement first. dont want to be a jack of all trades and master of none!

Then today i decide to leave the device on, strapped to my leg and with a decent stretch . nothing sore or fatiguing really , but when i look, its far more stretched out than normal. had it on for about an hour and a half.

10 hours later i'm sitting here aching quite a bit and hoping i can do my Penis Enlargement workout shortly.

Anyways, question number 2 is how much of a stretch do i want when i'm leaving it on for a while? 100% 75% ? Is the idea to max the stretch and do some minor damage that will repair, or just do pull the penis out of its comfort zone for the flaccid size?

all thoughts as always appreciated!
So would the theory be to keep the penis extended past its normal size so that blood would get to more areas, or to put it another way, blood fills more cells or travels along more arteries..hard to the hope that it will lead to an improvement somewhere, possibly in flaccid size?

hope that makes sense, tired here, zzzzzzzzzzzz
lol Mentos you dont waste time do you? Most ppl would have tried to get the hang of it at home first, but you're so hardcore you went straight into work with it on :)
Had mine for a while. Was on and off 'cause mine would fall off after so long. Sometimes an hour, sometimes 4 hours later.

Got in 7 hours at 70-75% stretch today.

I find that the tugger comes off because if you have it around your leg or around your waist for a stretch , whenever you move certain ways, you rub the cone over your skin, which nudges it out of the ideal place you had.

So, I decided to lodge something in the wire part where the clasp closes down, so now I have a small jut of cardboard tightly between the clasp and the cone, preventing it from most movements that would take the cone off.

I work in construction, so I'm always jumping into equipment such as a loader or excavator, or in awkward positions because I'm in or under machines, fixing them. So, It can be quite easy for my tugger to get loosened up, since it's tied below my knee. The cardboard keeps it in check quite well, though it chaffes the leg a bit. Anyone who can thing of better solutions, please tell.

Also, you'll work your way up to how long you can wear it too. I find that the V TLC tugger will only be of help with Penis Enlargement. On it's own, it's pretty ineffective, and doesn't require much to master... also, it feels nice when you've done a lot of stretching and putting on the tugger to stretch more.
wow i couldnt imagine doing your job while wearing one of these, you must be good at fitting and hiding it !!!!

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