Vitamin E is a naturally lubricant . . you can also take it by mouth for dryness and I was told by a doctor that it helps straighten curvature a little. I am thinking though that this would be an excellent pill to take while Penis Enlargementing to increase faster gains . .any ideas?

Also is it ok to Masterbate after jelqing in pahse 1 of DLDs workout?


Masturbate rule is quite a hot debate, some say Stick to a 5 hour gap before and after a workout some say fuck it.
I personally Say fuck it Just do whatever you want, i dont think masturbation will hinder results.
Any vitamin supplement is a good supplement Pe or not, Id recommend taking it for sure.


After the Penis Enlargement workout i take a oil based vit e pill and with the oil from inside i masage my penis.I dont know how good it is for Penis Enlargement but bad can't be either.
Here is something I posted about BE, but I use it on my junk after Penis Enlargement too!

What you want to make sure you do is put / massage a good hand cream with aloe in it into your sack. Because when it starts growing and hanging good the old skin might get flakey. It all depends on your body skin make up like oily or dry.

I've tried all kinds and I feel in my opinion this one is the best by far because it has lanolin, vitamins A B & E, and aloe extract. It dosent stink either. I also use it for Penis Enlargement because it promotes skin healing SO well. And its cheap too. I have tried a few other products with "udder" in the name and NONE can hold a candle to this stuff. And they have a few ingredients but none have all these in it.

Dionne Udder Balm

Once you get used to it you'll love it. Supra and I are way overboard about it. You'll see gains pretty quick too!

Well thats about all I can think of for now. If you have any questions fire away!
I use pure E oil on the outside before I Penis Enlargement and I also take an oral E supplement (plus my multivitamin). It helps externally with skin conditioning and internally with vessel elasticity (read: bloodflow) on the inside. I am a huge and firm belieber in Vitamin E.

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