Video surveillance network now a Boston fixture


Jun 3, 2003
Video surveillance network now a Boston fixture
Boston Globe |
"An unprecedented number of video cameras will be trained on Boston during the Democratic National Convention... For the first time, 75 high-tech video cameras operated by the federal government will be linked into a surveillance network to monitor the Central Artery, City Hall Plaza, the FleetCenter, and other sensitive sites... An unspecified number of State Police cameras are also being installed, and more than 100 previously existing MBTA cameras will be used to monitor area subway and bus stations. Law enforcement officials will have as-needed access to as many as 900 cameras that have been operated for months or years by the Massachusetts Port Authority, the state Highway Department, and the Big Dig... Boston police say the 30 or so cameras installed for the convention will be used throughout the city once the event is over. 'We own them now,' said police Superintendent Robert Dunford. 'We're certainly not going to put them in a closet.'"

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