Video evidence allowed in reporter's pedophilia trial


Jun 3, 2003
Video evidence allowed in reporter's pedophilia trial
Cincinnati Post |
"About 18 videotapes - some previously hidden in a pile of clothes in his residence - show him performing oral sex on four teen boys and having them performing anal sex on him, police said. [Stephen Hill], who was a member of Channel 9's I-Team for seven years, faces eight counts of sexual battery and four counts of unlawful sex with a minor, charges that could land him in prison for up to 60 years... When police came to his Hearne Avenue home in Avondale to arrest him Feb. 27, Hill threw some videotapes into a bucket of cleaning solution and tried to kill himself by slicing his wrists and neck... Police said Hill deceived the teens for a time by telling them that a woman named Dawn wanted to have sex with them, but only if they were blindfolded during the acts."

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