Apr 18, 2004
I hope there are a couple veteran restorers here that can answer a question for me. I have been restoring for 3 months now. I am moving into CI-3 range, in that my foreskin is begining to roll over the head on its own. However, I am experiencing a great deal of sensitivity in the c-scar. It seems to have started earlier today and is really uncomfortable. I am doing nothing different than before, but the scar is extremely sensitive to the touch-- almost too sensitive. Not exactly painful, just very touchy, like your dick feels after sex. I tried leaving it unbound today to see if it would help if I just let it all hang out and it made it worse instead. I did Penis Enlargement really intensely last night, so I have done no routines today either, in case it is a Penis Enlargement related injury instead of a FR related problem. I have gained .25" in length the last 3 weeks from alot of intense stretching and some ballooning type girth routines. I think my glans is also dekeratinizing further, as it is hyper-sensitive as well. Has anyone here gotten to or past CI-3 range so that they can relate to this?
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