Vegas newlyweds sue over feculent sheets


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Jun 3, 2003
Vegas newlyweds sue over feculent sheets
Las Vegas Review-Journal |
"A Virginia man alleges in a lawsuit filed Thursday that human excrement was smeared on his face during his stay at a Strip hotel. In a lawsuit filed in Clark County District Court, Milciades Cedano of Virginia Beach, Va., said he and his wife, Lavett Brown-Cedano, stayed at the Circus Circus hotel-casino in January 2004 on their honeymoon. Cedano said that when he jumped into his bed in the honeymoon suite, he pulled the bed covers over his head and immediately noticed that a strange material from the covers had smeared over his face. He noticed a pungent smell... Cedano called hotel supervisors and said he was mocked by hotel workers, who thought the incident was funny."