USDA official says USDA mad cow testing weak


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Jun 3, 2003
USDA official says USDA mad cow testing weak
Seattle Times |
"The Agriculture Department's new mad-cow testing program has received a stinging review from the agency's own inspector general, who concluded that many of the highest-risk cattle are not being screened. The review, released yesterday, also found that testing is not random, and that USDA is not requiring rendering plants and other facilities to participate, but relying instead on voluntary agreements. And the program assumes that only old, sick animals are likely to be infected, despite the fact that nearly 300 healthy-looking cattle have tested positive for the disease in Europe... [Ron DeHaven, administrator of USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service] said USDA has already corrected many of the flaws pointed out in the audit, such as failure to test animals with nervous-system disorders. 'We're not focusing on the past but ensuring that... in the future we do collect those samples.'"