US training Iraqi counterinsurgency teams


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US training Iraqi counterinsurgency teams
New York Times |
"American military advisers are forming an all-Iraqi counterinsurgency force and training it in guerrilla tactics like ambushing trucks and hiding alongside the road camouflaged as bushes. The new force, called the Iraqi National Task Force, is the most ambitious effort yet to fight the uprising using Iraqis, and it already has 1,000 soldiers, with plans to grow to 7,000... Many members of the new task force said they were eager to kill erhabi, or terrorists. But when the question turned to fighting the mujahedeen, they sounded less sure. 'Many of these mujahedeen are poor farmers and uneducated,' said Lt. AHydromaxed Hamid Kadem, a 25-year-old Iraqi officer from Basra. 'I hope we don't have to fight them. They are our people.'"


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