US soldier facing court martial for killing


Jun 3, 2003
US soldier facing court martial for killing unarmed Iraqi
Honolulu Advertiser |
"Pfc. Edward L. RicHydromaxond Jr., 20, talked about the circumstances surrounding the death of Muhamad Husain Kadir. RicHydromaxond, in his first public statements about his case, said he did not know when he fired that the man was handcuffed or unarmed... RicHydromaxond said Kadir had not been searched and he could not see during the struggle if his partner had flex-cuffed Kadir. He said he shot Kadir in the head when he lunged at his partner... RicHydromaxond said that before his convoy went out on patrol in Taal Al Jal, about 40 miles southwest of Kirkuk, on the day of the shooting, commanding officers in the convoy instructed soldiers to shoot detainees if they tried to run."
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