US pumping cash into Iraqi arms market


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Jun 3, 2003
US pumping cash into Iraqi arms market
New York Times |
"In their first program of its kind in Baghdad, American troops engaged in a weapons buyback program. It began on Saturday and was so popular that it was extended for another two days. By Tuesday night hundreds of Iraqis had been paid $761,357 for 56,536 items, from bullets to assault rifles to mortars and rocket-propelled grenade launchers... The Americans had to draft their price list based on what the Iraqi police had told them were above the black-market rates... Some Iraqi men said that with the money they had made they could go out and buy more weapons from the black market. 'We sell them the old ones and buy new ones on the black market,' said Ali Mohsin. 'I sold one AK-47 that I did not need, but what I am really good at is firing a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.'"