Updated progress, girth difference is night and day!

I've gone ahead and updated my pics to show the new girth. It's amazing to me how much my penis has changed shape and how much difference .5" makes! The observant will notice there's no pic for October. I had 2 thrombosed veins and basically had to take October off completely. Anyway, here's the website:

Spektrum's Progress
And before SWM chimes in about no ruler again :blahblah: My length gains havent changed much and its hard as hell for me to get a good picture with a ruler due to the way my penis is curved.


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Excellent pics Spektrum .. thanks .. and congrats on gains. It is spur to all of us.



Ah hell, it looks good without the ruler! :D. I can tell an obvious difference in the size increase. Is it just me or did your glans get a little bigger too? Glans looks bigger than mine.
My glans did get a lot bigger, I'm glad you noticed. I've been doing a new exercise that I'm about to unveil in the next week or so. I want to give it a little more "test time" to make sure its what causing my glans to grow so much.
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Congrats dude, what's your size now?
After tonight, it'll probably be 6.75x5.0625 lol

It seems I grow 1/16" every workout. I'm also experimenting with hanging and its going pretty good. I love the way the ligs feel after.
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Spektrum - what girth exercises are you doing? You look great!
Zulu's constrictors, DLD's Girth Busters, and my own exercise I'm calling "Rainbows". I'm going to unveil them on Monday ;)


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HOLY SHIT....Dont think I have seen a middle chamber that big before and I mean it.
Its fucking gigantic.
Mutha Fucka what are ya doing ;) its gunna rule da world that SOB.
Its doing great man....so pleased a good guy like you has this result...also makes it sweeter that my exercise has summut to do with it.

I wonna also say to all....it dunt matter if ya the biggest....you aint in every way.

DLD is the biggest in length
TreePapaNiner the biggest in girth
Think it was ULI who was biggest in head size
but Spectrum your the biggest when it comes to that Middle chamber....named the Corpus Spongisiusm....alot of guys want it bigger these days.

The above list is made to point out that those guys my be monsters in that dept....they wont be as big as each other when compared...i.e dld wants tree's girth, tree wants dlds girth while they all want some of Ulis head and he wouldnt mind some more girth and length .
They all from what I have seen need your Middle chamber too.

Your the biggest in that dept.
Take this as a boost and get ya ass into a more intense routine and get even bigger.


Have you seen a side profile shot of mine Red? I have had many complemenst on my lower or middle chamber.
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Have you seen a side profile shot of mine Red? I have had many complemenst on my lower or middle chamber.
Many complements just on the lower and middle chamber? How about all over? You have a fricken summer sausage man!

Thanks for the comments Red!
Awesome pictures and awesome, beautiful looking dick you got there dude. It sure looks bigger than what you say. Could be low fat pad and trim body. Continua good luck and gains.:gluedtosc ;)
how come the # of replies don't match what it says on the forum?

how come it says the last poster on a given forum is DLD when it is not?

just curious because it is confusing
Spektrum - are you any closer to revealing this new head exercise? I'm all excited :)

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