Unlucky parrot owner subjected to prank calls


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Jun 3, 2003
Unlucky parrot owner subjected to prank calls
KCTV-TV 5 Kansas City |
"The family pet's name is Reggie, and he's a 1-year-old green parrot. He took advantage of an open door to fly the coop last month... The family put together a flyer and took it door to door in the neighborhood. They also put an ad in the newspaper. Then Tuesday, they finally got the call they'd been hoping for, but when the owner heard what the caller had to say, she called police. 'Well, initially he offered her to bring the bird back for cash, and when she gave him a figure, he said that that wasn't enough. Called back again. She raised the price of the reward. Again that wasn't enough, and he asked for sex for the bird,' said Detective Sgt. Dan Tennis, of the Shawnee Police Department... It turns out he did not have that parrot. It was just a cruel hoax."