unique deformation or not?


about 10 years ago my best friend mentioned that when he urinates, he sometimes gets a cross stream and pisses all over
the place.
Somehow I too developed that problem and is now so far advanced, I'm like a garden hose nozle on shower mode. and
it's all the time. I can not get a straight stream of piss if I wanted

I examined the tip of my penis and the slit at the top is slightly
"s" shaped. This formation goes 3/8 inch deep into my actual
urination passage. It is that formation that creates the split stream while urinating.

I wonder if an excercise could correct this?


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Hi, welcome to MOS.
I have an idea [imagine] this problem, but cant think of an exercise just yet.
Ya best bet is to PM dld with this concern....he is a witchdoctor on this.

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