all of you beginners with a couple of weeks of pe i would highle suggest a session of uli's. Spend about 5 min or so on these exersices and watch your girth grow! These and a good jelq routine will gain girth in no time, try it and watch your dick grow. I really hope these work for all of you guys as they have for me. Keep training and shock your gf with a huge dick!


It would be a good idea to wait until you have at least 1 month or more of consistant Penis Enlargement behind you before starting any advanced exercises. You need time to get used to the exercise and toughen up blood vessels etc. Some common injuries are a thrombosed vein, or rupture of a vein for newbies attempting this exercise. Seasoned vets can get these too. It is usually the beginner though. This exercise generates a great deal of inner pressure. As you gain experience you know how to read your body's injury threashold and generally don't cross it, but work on the edge of it.

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