UK Man Abandons Haunted Mansion


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Jun 3, 2003
"UK Man Abandons Haunted Mansion"
LOTTO winner Michael Carroll has fled his luxury home in terror and is vowing to sell up because he is convinced it is haunted

Carroll was spooked when he and two pals heard a Banshee-type wail from the swimming pool of the £400,000 five-bedroomed house.

A friend said: "Suddenly all the doors starting slamming. They sensed something bad was going to happen and ran out to Michael's car.

"They thought the ghost had followed them and they started stabbing the back seat with knives. They totally lost it."

Carroll, 20, who scooped £9.7million on the lottery, thinks builders working on the pool may have disturbed the spirit of a woman murdered by her husband in an old cottage on the site.

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