U.S. Customs Is on the Job!


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Dec 5, 2003
In August, U.S. Customs confiscated an SUV being used to smuggle Mexican immigrants into the country, but later admitted that their thorough search of it had overlooked a 13-year-old girl hiding inside; she was discovered 42 hours later. And in July, Adrian Rodriguez was imprisoned (but released by an appeals court a month later) because Mexican authorities found 33 pounds of marijuana that U.S. Customs had failed to find in a vehicle it had just sold to him at auction. That was the third time recently that someone had bought a vehicle from U.S. Customs that contained overlooked marijuana and for which the purchaser spent at least some time in prison (in one case, one year) before things were straightened out. [San Diego Union-Tribune, 8-12-03] [Tampa Tribune-AP, 9-7-03] [San Diego Union-Tribune, 1-11-03] [U.S. District Court opinion in Cervantes v. U.S., 6-2-03]
Mar 17, 2004
Man, I live about 30 minutes from the border, and now ill remember not to ever buy a car from US customs... haha. ONE WHOLE YEAR IN JAIL, that would suck - but then again you can take advantage of that time and get in some quality Penis Enlargement time
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