Two quick theories


Jul 10, 2003
I'm testing them both out and seem to be working well:

1. Doing about 10-15 mins of kegels of any length , switching from short burts to longer holds before an ejaculation seems to increase distance and volume.

2. Drinking a lot of water seems to make the penis a lot easier to stretch . Drinking a full big water bottle about a half hour before a workout could be used as a supplement for those who don't/won't spend the money for pills .

Anyone ever notice either of these things, or want to test them out to see if they're visible in the general population?


Well, I noticed when I first began doing kegels on a regular basis a few year ago...that if I deliberately flexed my PC muscles during orgasm, in time with my normal orgasmic spasms, I always ejaculate farther and in greater volume....unlike when you see some guys who just seem to dribble or have their ejaculate just run out. I practiced doing these deliberate PC flexes when masturbating. Drinking several glasses of water and fluids throughout the day of course has also helped with ejaculate volume.
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