TV chefs teaching poor hygiene


Jun 3, 2003
TV chefs teaching poor hygiene
Straits Times |
"A new study has shown that television chefs are using methods that promise gastronomic delight, but could deliver gastroenteritis. Researchers who watched 60 hours of food programmes from Britain, the United States and Canada found that for every example of correct food handling, there were 13 food hygiene errors, typically seven per 30-minute show.... One of the worst examples uncovered in the study, conducted by a team of food scientists at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, involved a chef who swatted a fly with a knife he was using to chop vegetables. Another chef hung dough to dry on kitchen taps, which are often covered with germs... The failure to wash hands was observed in 75% of the programmes viewed. Close behind was the failure to separate raw and fresh foods."

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