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I have noticed that I seam to be getting one since starting Penis Enlargement. or maybe it is just getting worse . What can be done to stop this from progressing? or correct this?
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Hi welcome to MOS...
I gather you mean Turkey Neck??? I also get the impression its the same from the sound of it to my Flappy Skin syndrome that I have around the penis?

I have discussed it but not found anything to cure it....but maybe scrotum, testicle hanging could help - by stretching the skin downwards could remove this neck-thing....also myn IMHO isnt as bad as it was, cos I seem to have grown some...and its filled out I guess...but still...............

anyways lets see what others think.


Welcome want it big, Try stretching the skin, Hold at the head and stretch the penis and use the other hand to stretch the skin near the base (opposing pulls). Another thing to try is stretching ithe sack. Grab the sac and balls in one hand, and penis with the other, pull downward on the sac while stretching the penis up. Reverse direction pulling the penis down while pulling the sac up.


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Well I have found that DLD's ball stretching routine has helped a great deal with my turkey neck problem.