Tunica the way forward?


Jun 3, 2003
It would seem that before the LOT theory people didn´t think too much about the tunica and would spend hours fruitlessly hanging or stretching BTC.

Now there are subforums dedicated to tunica stretching and if you have access to MOS there is a section dedicated to the tunica.

I would say that DLD himself has been stretching his tunica while doing lig exercises by doing bundled stretches , particularly the A-Stretch .

And then I thought, what is the point in lig stretching ? Why not just focus on the tunica from the very beginning?

Yes, you can gain quickly by lengthening ligaments, but seeing as how some vets reckon the tunica has no low ceiling in growth, why not work hard on stretching it?

My reasoning is that if your ligs ever tightened up again you´d lose that gain, and I think it was RB who pointed out that some lig gains, while showing up in a bone pressed measurement, would not help in sex much.

I would much rather grow new length , so that it was always mine, and not subject to me keeping the ligs long.

I also think that tunica stretching is safer than lig stretching . As I write this I am thinking of the nerve bundle and urethra, and how they could be damaged, but seeing as how RB and DLD in particular are having success with it, it would seem like a good idea. I also think it is easier to hurt your ligs. Imagine pulling with all your stretch BTC, it would rip them off!

Any thoughts on the above? Critique welcome, though no flames please, hehe. :)


Jun 3, 2003
ICM, my take on this whole subject is that I do not care how guys stretch as long as they stretch . I am hoping the dual forums, Lig and Tunica, will keep men motivated no matter what their LOT is. From much of the data I have read on this whole theory, men are benefitting from the information. I am hoping that men will not look at their LOT as a death sentence for Penis Enlargement. Using this information to create an optimum stretch workout is being smart. Becoming discouraged over it is not good. I like your post and the idea of Tunica stretching . I hope men that feel they have little Lig potential take it to heart.

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