Tunica And Ligament Hanging?

If you want to do Tunica hanging do you do it BTC? Then is ligament hanging just letting it hang normally sitting down?

Sorry for stupid questions but I am totally a newbie to hanging .

Thanks. :cool:
When you hanging BTC you are hitting your ligs.
To stretch your tunica you need to strecht at 9 o'clock or higher and below 9 your stretching your ligs.

So how do you get the hanger to hang over 9 o'Clock.

Sorry for the dumb questions :eek:


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Fulcrum hanging .

I did this by using the AFB device, but I supppose the BIB will do.
Lie on the bed face down.....the device should be attached along with the weigths.

Have the weights hanging of the bed....halfway so their not hittin the floor.
Be lay down on ya knees with your hands of the bed on the floor....like a push-up postion [Arms].
Now simply angle ya self back [arse...back] so you can feel a nice pull.
Your penis will be heading towards your chin....straightup at 12 O'Clock.
I used to get AMAZING simply AMAZING Tunicae workouts with this.
The thing with this technique is....that you make it happen.
If you want the back part of the tunicae stetching more than the front / middle than you will put more force into the angle going backwards.
Just experiment and see how that goes.
Also whioe doing all this......get ya hand [A free one] and feel the penis while streching....ya know really feel the Tunicae.
Now stop stretching ....still feel....than stretch again.....you will feel the actual action happening in real-time....its great.

Do this for 20 minutes.
I think this is Fulcrum hanging ....if not well I guess its new?????Redzee's Tunicae hanging than!!!!! but all I know is its great for Tunicae work.

Give it a shot.,


Red, that's exactly what I do while manual stretching . Close to the body, straight up towards your chin. Really stresses the tunica and septum.

I think most people think of a fulcrum as an added thing for leverage, such as a power stretcher, piece of pipe or even just a finger(s)/hand/wrist, but when doing this, the pelvic bone itself provides a very nice fulcrum.


For anything but BTC hanging ...I rigged up a eye hook on the ceiling. I bought a $2.00 pulley. I tied the weights with a small diameter rope and went over the pulley and attached the other end to the Bib Starter. You can stretch in almost any direction you want for tunica by simply relocating your chair.

The pully can either be placed directly on the ceiling hook or you can take another piece of rope and tie to the hook and lower the pulley as low as you want. Costs like less than $5.00 including rope and makes tunica much easier (for me) since I am able to do other things at the same time (reading forums).
You can also do tunica and lig hanging from almost any angle by using a weight bench that has an overhead lat bar. Just attach your Bib hanger to the lat cable. This setup allows you to hang in a standing, sitting, lying down, or sideways position.

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