trying to change my health!!


Sep 12, 2003
Hey Guys just wanted to share this with you all and maybe get a bit of support at the same time.
I am 44 i smoke and am about 3 stone overweight, the overweight bit came about after i broke a bone and ruptured the ligaments in my knee 2 1/2 years ago, what with two lots of surgery and 6 months of physio and a total of a year of work i have been unable to get to the gym like i used to, so hence i am a fat bastard these days.

I am going to start at the gym this week as i am on holiday for the week, i think i will concentrate mainly on cardio as that should burn the fat quicker, i do not usually get time for a proper breakfast or lunch ( i fit double glazing for a living ) as i am usually rushing about so i can get home earlier :p , my main meal is in the evening and i usually ( 4 nights a week ) have a large Jacket potatoe a chicken breast (grilled) and baked beens, i have a treat on Saturday a nice Curry.;)
I drink plenty of bottled water , used to drink coffee by the bucket load but found this started give acid to much.
Anyone got any suggestions as to other healthy foods i could try for the breakfast and lunchtime breaks, something that does not require heating up but is nutricious and easy to eat while driving maybe.

And as for the smoking well i have been doing that since i was 15 :( , i have tried in the past to give up but this time i feel more determined than ever. I have two girls and i quite fancy being around for them for a few more years yet.


I dont know if you have heard of something called Nature's Youth HGH but it may be another thing to consider adding to your diet. NO, I do not represent the company LOL, I have just heard rave reviews about it. It's "expensive" at around $85 a month but, most people spend waaaaay more than that monthly on other things deteriorating their health. I plan to begin taking it soon myself. Check out their site
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