Trouble getting erect


Hey everyone.
I am having a real problem and it's getting me depressed. I am 18 and I have only ever had sex once. I had a chance with a girl about 6 months ago but I couldn't get erect which I put down to tiredness. I started seeing another girl a few weeks ago. I have stayed at her house three weekends in a row now and this girl is up for it but guess what!? I can't get an erection!

I'm definately not impotent because I get erections in my house all the time. I don't feel nervous with this girl, in fact she is really understanding and it is comfortable with her. She tried to jack me off but it did nothing for me, if anything it made me softer!

My Penis Enlargement routine is light so I know I am not overworking it and I do my kegels.

This is really starting to bug me, at first I thought it was just a once off but it keeps happening. The girl is understanding but I know she won't put up with it for long and I can't blame her for that.

Anybody have any advice for me?

Also, I don't have a credit card so I can't buy anything online. I live in the UK, does anybody recommend any natural supplements like ginseng or anything that could get me hard?

Thanks guys


Thing is, I only have one testical and a massage doesn't seem to do much for me.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway man!

If you cannot for some reason get your hands on Viagra, then you could always try tribulus terrestris, L-arginine, horny goat's weed etc... I'm currently experiencing some erectile problems myself (due to meds), and as of today I began a high dosage Tribulus cycle (if you can call it that). It has worked for me in the past and hopefully it will do the trick this time as well.

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