I have been thinking about starting this thread for some time to give some ideas and thoughts that might help some of your to get over a plateau. I have a two year history of Penis Enlargement that is encouraging. Most of you know that I started off with severe Peyronies. I had two severe bends, plaque and basically a non functional penis. DLD helped me through some tough times, the disease was halted and the penis damage defeated. I had shrunk from a former 8 inches to under 6. I have now gained back to over 7 1/2 and increased girth to over 6. Here are some things that I have learned and some tricks that seem to help me.

First I used a penis pump. I started out with a tube that was too big, pulled my balls into the tube...so got a smaller tube and used it for stretching the penis. Worked for awhile but I didn't see any real permanent gain. I continue to use the pump occasionally but it doesn't do much for growth, to me anyway. I like if if I want to see a really plump penis, but mostly it is fluid.

Then I did some hanging . I got a bib and I still hang once in a while but not on a consistent basis anymore. It doesn't do what I want.

I say these things because I have tried them over a period of time so that I saw some results but not permanent gains or results.

My best gains have been from faithful jelqs. Doing jelqs slow and intense. Not so many as a lot of guys do but doing them over a time period rather than numbers. I jelq slowly and with great intense.

Another trick I do is grab the base and do a ULI down the penis, with my legs spread apart. You get a good pull. If you lay on your back with legs spread, like in bed, and grab the penis with an overhand grip, semi erect and squeeze, milking down the shaft, from base to glans and repeat time after time after time, you will see that glans and shaft continue to fill with blood. Then as you continue to do these, you are putting enormous pressure on the capacity of the cells to hold blood. Don't go fast. You can do these slow and either with one hand or two. The idea is to fill the penis with blood an keep pumping blood into the shaft and glans to make it bigger and bigger. You should see a visual growth as well as feel heft. I used to turtle to a small flaccid. Now I seldom have that small flaccid, and when I do it is much longer than it used to be. Even as small it is bigger than before.

Here is another trick, when totally flaccid, with legs spread, pull and stretch the flaccid penis. Pull it and pull it. You will be surprised at its elasticity. You can pull and pull and wonder where is all this coming from. I am talking totally flaccid. Once you get some erection, that elasticity will cease.

Here is what you will see. Taking your hand, gripping at the base, how much do you have hanging out your hand. At first I just had a hand full. Then I could see the glans, partially, then the total glans and then an inch and the glans, Now a inch and half and glans. That told me I was growing and increasing. As I stretch , using a ULI, down the penis shaft, I grab behind the glans, pull, crank, left right, stretch , hold with the one hand and squeeze the base, and pull with the other hand, doing whatever it takes to pull all directions to get as much limberness in that base and ligs. Then, just keep pulling.

Whatever you need for help, using the fake arm...I use a vacuum cleaner tube extension. Anything works to give more fulcrum power.

I can't over emphasize the good workout you will get doing these stretches with your legs apart on your back. It is intense. (A little intimidating but non the less intense)

Your flaccid stretch length will eventually be your erect length . It will come. I remember when I could hardly get 6 and half flaccid stretched length and now I am over an inch longer now and that has cemented to erect length . Don't worry too much about girth, that comes with the ULI.

I also think we are too easy on the penis. It is marvelously resilient piece of meat. It will take whatever we give it if we build up to it. Don't start out so intense, but build to give it what ever you can.

Some of you work as I have read to the point of bleeding. Slow down and give it a chance to expand as you you push. I have been at this daily for two years and have been consitent. Every evening, I do these above exercises. I wake up and before getting out of bed do them. I have made great gains and my self confidence has increased tremendous.

Another tip and you will like these if you will do them...Jelq sideways. Jelq from left to right and right to left. Slowly with lube, soap or what ever, pull the penis to the left, over and over. Slide from base to glans, holding your base with one hand and pulling the the opposite direction. Now repeat doing it the other direction. It is not necessary to go over the glans, just keep pulling and fill that glans up. You will almost come to organism. Don't, switch off and do the other direction.

Another trick, these are all DLD things, but we forget and don't do them....rotate your penis inch by inch. Grab base in one hand, one inch up grab again and crank, 10 or so times, move up an inch and go at it again, and again and again till you get to the glans. This assures the total flexibility of the unit. This is done flaccid. When you get erect, let it cool down. This can be done with some erection but not much.

I do erect bends ever day. Not a lot but enough to stretch the cells. Erect, start at the base and bend slowly and with enough force you are stretching the cells. You have to stretch the cells.

Some of you are doing 10 minutes or even 20 minutes a day. That will not do it. I do an hour a day every day and sometimes more. I don't make it something I don't enjoy. I can do it watching TV, Working at the computer or whatever. If I am reading, one hand is doing ULI/s, yes, one handed....working from base to glans.

There is no reason that you can't get length if you are consistent. When I went to the doctor, he said, I was stuck with the under 6 inches. I refused to believe it. Someday, I will go back and show him.

I am happy, the wife is more satisfied, and I don't know where I will end up. I am looking forward to hitting the 8 inch mark. My goal is to be at 8 inches by July, 2004. I hit a plateau for awhile but seem to have jumped off that right now.

I agree that you need to take a day or two of once in awhile, if you can. I enjoy what I do so seldom do but I have seen some good results when I do. I also have seen some good stretches when I use the hot tub. Don't know if there is significant change there or not, using the hot tub.

Thanks for listening. GS


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That is a great Post man!!! Thanks a lot for all the Ideas, I will put then to work!!


Great post and good info for the guys who need some new inspiration and motivation after reaching a plateau.



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Nice post man! I found one thing I think people should not do....don't jelq with soap it will result in your penis burning and irratated afterwards! Everything else is I read is awsome man!
crazyed27 said:
Nice post man! I found one thing I think people should not do....don't jelq with soap it will result in your penis burning and irratated afterwards! Everything else is I read is awsome man!

Depends on what soap you use. I jelq in the shower and use soap. Use a mild soap and you are okay. Some guys use shaving cream, when they get done with shaving, use the extra for a jelq or two. GS
Thanks all the responders. I been thinking about all the things I do and while that gains are not rapid they keep coming. I guess right now the "heft" and length are what is encouraging me. By the way, after any intense jelqing or stretching , either erect or flaccid, be sure to shake it out, slap it on your leg a lot of times or whatever you do to get the blood flowing back. GS


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German Stallion said:
Depends on what soap you use. I jelq in the shower and use soap. Use a mild soap and you are okay. Some guys use shaving cream, when they get done with shaving, use the extra for a jelq or two. GS

My pee-pee is just real sensitive to soap, I like to use hair conditioner in the shower its awsome! I jacked off with soap once and man my dick was fucked up for nearley a week :mad: I can't use just any soap on my skin on my arms, so I gotta be careful what I put on my dick! Your lucky, in my eyes thar soap does'nt bother you! Once again awesome post! rofl


I used to jelq with shampoo. Didn't irritate me, but it did leave my skin super dry.

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