Trained through pain - it helped !


Jun 15, 2003
The day before yesterday I did alot of very intense manual stretches . I think I did not warm up enough or maybe It was a little too intense. The result was a sore feeling in the ligs + a medium pain along the left side of the shaft all the way up to the base.

Yesterday , the soreness was gone but the pain was still there exactly like the day before. I thought : Damn, you can't let a medium pain stop you from gettin the gains you want so I did the same intense stretching routine like before. (only diference I was warmed up better!)

Now see what happens : While the first pulls hurted , and were pretty uncomfortable it got better and better with each pull !!!!!!
So after I finished my hour of manual stretching the pain was completely gone and all I felt was a very nice soreness, very mild !

I only witnessed things like that happen in sports. You are messed up from the training before , but once you start training again everything is fine again !

How cool is that ? Have you experienced things like that ?
It doesn't make too much sense , does it ? Usually when you injure yourself or feel pain , you stop for a few days and then continue - well now I know that I can work through minor pain aswell!

I don't recommend doing this when you feel really bad pain - however don't let little pain stop you !!!
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