Totally burned out!!, but now I'm back


Jun 8, 2003
So there I was, Nov.10 at 1am downstairs working in my shop with the exhaust fan on. The family was asleep upstairs. I heard something fall and went to see what it was and discovered the fan on fire. The whole enclosure was engulfed and the floor joists were already starting to burn. Then panic hit !! I started yelling and woke the family up, my wife called 911 and we got out of the house. By this time about 3 minutes had passed and already I couldn't see anything past the steps going to the basement. Outside, I started filling garbage pails with water and throwing it through the window opening where the fan was when my wife said to use the hose. So then I had to unreel 100 feet of hose, disconnect it from the reel and attach it to the faucet. No problem, until I turned on the water to find the out the hose was frozen!!! I knew from the start that it would be an act of futility, but I wasn't going down without putting up some kind of fight. But after the hose episode I gave it up. About five minutes later the volunteer firefighters arrived, a total of about 15 or so minutes from the time 911 dispatched them. It took them another 10 minutes to assess the fire and get set up. They were about an hour and a half into it when the watermain to the hydrant froze up and broke. It was then they called in another volunteer department since for whatever reason they couldn't move the pumper truck to connect to the other hydrant and it took them about half an hour to get on scene. Anyway they were there until late morning. Alot has changed since then and is still changing. After this my stress level was over the edge and I couldn't even think about doing any Penis Enlargement. There was so much to do to get order back into our lives it was overwhelming to say the least. Regretfully I lost my business in the fire so I can't make anymore Power Assists for MOS. Hopefully this situation may be resolved over the next little while. There is a member here that may get into taking over production on them. I know some of you were disappointed when you found out they weren't available so I think it is the least I can do to pass on the production of the Power Assist to someone else who can make them out of the deep respect that I have for DLD and the solid members on this site. As for Penis Enlargement, I have gotten back into it full throttle with a vengeance for time lost. Three months is a long time to go without a good jelq session and an even longer time to be away from MOS. Hell, when I had to leave the average number of members logged on at a time was only around 20-25. Look at us now!!! There's been a lot of changes and I've really missed being here.
Oct 7, 2003
Fire sucks! I know because I was in one last april. Glad to hear you wern't burned. Because 3rd degree burns heal slow, and 1& 2 degree burns hurt!<:( welcome back!
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