Torn Frenulum


Aug 6, 2003
Whats up ya'll-
Iv'e had this problem for about 2 months now. A little while back my frenulum became torn while having sex. I had been doing Penis Enlargement for about 4 months before and my penis had grown only .2 - .3 inches in length . Before the actual tear my frenulum would be sore after sex. But I dont remember this feeling before I began Penis Enlargement. I am wondering if the tear might have resulted in my penis slightling outgrowing foreskin/frenulum. Or, I have read that sometimes the frenulum can be naturally to small and tear during sex. Anyways, I have also been debating whether to get circumsized for quite a while and now it seems if I may have a reason other than for cosmetic purposes. Is this experience shared by any one else out there. And can anyone give me their views on adult circumcision. Has anyone had the procedure. I am quite annoyed by this painful sensation.
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