Time Factor


Jun 5, 2003
"Time Factor"
I have a few ideas about the Time factor, as related to Penis Enlargement. When it comes to weight training, for example, a trainee's workouts can progress in many ways (for "progressive resistance" is what weight training is all about). You can increase intensity (how forcefully you exert - expressed either in poundage or effort of repetitions), duration (the length of your workouts), volume (or the total workload lifted), and density - which might consist of doing the same workout as before in less time.
Specifically, I'm trying to determine which approach (or which combination of approaches) will work best for me - and, hopefully, will be helpful to others (especially since certain Penis Enlargement exercises can be increased only so much in intensity).
Is workout volume crucial?
How about frequent, abbreviated workouts?
Or really long sessions?
Or how about workout density? Doing the work in less and less time (i.e., jelq reps, ulis, etc.).
I'm also experimenting with training frequency. Not only "how many days per week?" but what about heavy sessions vs. light sessions....such as 3 ballbuster days per week, 2 moderate days, and maybe 1 very light day?
Or any combination of the above.
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