Thrombosed Vein and Scrotum Swelling

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Mar 21, 2004
Does anyone else with a thrombosed vein suffer from this? Seems like this happens whenever I'm too hard on my dick with Penis Enlargement. The thrombosed vein flares up and then my balls hurt and hang really low, (just a really uncomfortable feeling).

Weird thing is it goes away on its own after a few months for no reason. Nothing I do helps it heal. Cold water , warm water , aspirin, nothing. Actually not masturbating makes it worse because then I have blue balls and it hurts even more.

Anybody else have this balls problem? Just basically feels like somebody punched u in the balls a few weeks ago and its healing.


Aug 12, 2004
Hydromaxm... I wouldn't be kidding around with my balles! go see a dick doctore! At least that would be what i would do..


When I do girth routines, my balls also hang really low and sometimes ache. Its a result of the balls getting a little swollen w/ blood, and if you dont masturbate, it gets more swollen as time goes on.

I tried to do girth routines w/o masturbating ever. But I realized that if you dont release the pressure, you will be sore and swollen until you do. So dont worry, its just blue balls. I ejac every 3 or 4 days, depending. I only do it when I "have to".
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