I have attached two pics to show you all how much skin is actually removed during circumcision! They are kind of gruesome, for which I apologize, but I just wanted to show you all proof that circumcision does make your penis smaller. This is the circumcision of an adult male. I guess he thought it would make his penis look nicer! Not sure. But imagine the loss of blood flow and all the scarring that this causes to our most private part! This is the reason I have turkey neck and hairy shaft, and why I had a 5 1/2" penis until I started doing foreskin restoration and Penis Enlargement!!!

Expecting fathers: please don't do this to your kids!

Uncut men: please don't do this to yourselves!

Just imagine...in some muslim nations, this is done to boys at the age of 13 without painkillers!


Thats groest! Actually i would like to be cut, when doing Penis Enlargement. Because the skin can be a bother. But i guess i just have to bite the grin and go on.
Lazy Ass Stretches ... that is very hard to do.


damn personally glad i aint had it done

my m8s just had his done only because his foreskin was too tight and was causing grief during sex


Cool, that first pic kinda looks like a red bat in flight or something ;)

I have a turkey neck from jelqing/hanging .
You guys are sicksicksick! :D Just don't get anything on your keyboard, Hotdog!
SWM, I have always had a turkey neck, even before Penis Enlargementing. I think they really skinned me alive. I'm probably lucky I even had a penis left when they were done with me. You can imagine how much I must have been cut when you consider that Penis Enlargement and FR has given me an almost instant 2"!!!
Don't get me wrong. I love my penis, too! I'm not trying to say there's anything wrong with yours. I am just trying to get the message out that those fellows who are unhappy with being circumcised can change their situation. Like Penis Enlargement, alot of people don't know or don't believe that circumcision can be reversed. I have always thought of Penis Enlargement as standing for "Penis Enhancement", because there is so much more to it than just enlarging it! Penis Enlargement gives you more confidence, more self-respect...and if you want more pleasure or more comfort, why not add FR to your routines? If you are completely happy with your penis, more power to you. If not, maybe FR is what you are looking for. I am trying not to be so fanatical about it, fellas. I really am. But it is such a BIG thing that it is hard not to want everyone to benefit from it, too. If this Penis Enlargement option makes you feel anger or defensive, maybe you should delve into your own feelings a little deeper and see what is actually down in there, because I am only presenting an option. Do you want more pleasure? Do you want a healthier penis? Do you want to gain quicker? Try Foreskin Restoration. Happy the way you are? Just ignore me. I'm just a little leery of the guys who feel compelled to say there's nothing wrong with them, cause that makes me think that maybe, in the back of their head, they may think there is. For example, BeBox has stated that he is curious about it, but doesn't feel compelled to do it right now. That's cool. He was not hostile about it at all. Sometimes he reads my posts and sometimes he don't. Godsize, on the other hand, kind of ran a rant on me one time... which makes me wonder if he is really so happy about it. Who knows, tho. I don't. Just have an open mind. When SWM or Red post about hanging or clamps, nobody replies with "I DON'T hang weight, and I'm lovin' it!" Why do some of you feel the need to do that to me...?
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I am circumsised (it was done when i was born), and I started with 7x5.5, so if I was uncut my starting size would have been bigger?
It all depends on how tightly you were cut. Do you have any of the following problems: tight shaft skin, curved penis, turkey neck, or hairy shaft? If so, you were probably cut too tightly and would have been about 20% bigger if the docs had just left you a little more skin to grow into. If your skin is loose enough to pull over the glans a little while erect, then you were probably not cut tight enough to restrict your gains during puberty.


Man, I am not for or against FR, I happen to have been cut at birth and I might at some point try and grow some back...However I don't think that you should be telling people that these doctors cost us 20% of our dick by cutting the skin too tightly. Skin in the most stretchable organ we have and I really think some people blow this whole thing out of proportion.

The US is one of the few countries where almost everyone is circumsized, and if circumcision was really as bad as you say it is, we'd have smaller dicks than everyone else in the world. I have read studies about dick size and many actually put the US average overtop of the combined world average. So where exactly did you get this 20% figure from?

I am not knocking your opinions and am not hostile, so please respond in a tactful manner. As far as I'm concerned this is merely a discussion among people who don't all share the same beliefs.
I don't think it is just loss of skin that causes the restriction of potential size, but also the scarring that circumcision causes. As we all know, scar tissue does not stretch very easily. As far as skin being stretchy, as I have said a hundred times already, grab the skin on the back of your hand and stretch it as far as possible. You will get about 1/4" of give. That's not alot, considering that circumcision removes half the skin of the penis, which amounts to about 5" of linear flesh unfolded (or about 20 square inches). Even if you were to count that skin as folded over in its natural position, 2.5" of skin from c-scar to glans, minus the 1/4" of stretch , leaves a man short 1.75" of skin. 1.75" is actually 20% of the average penis length . This is what is being held inside the abdomenal cavity by a tight circumcision. Oddly enough, from doing FR and a light newbie routine, I have lengthened my penis about that same amount in a very short time before my gains began to slow down. I am still gaining, but not as fast as I was before. Now I am at the size I feel that I would have been if I had not been cut. My penis is also not as curved or hairy as it was. FR is not the end all be all, but it can help you add some needed skin if you are tightly cut and maybe make some quick initial gains.

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