this is fucked up...


The bigger I’ve gotten, the less motivation I have to keep working. Now that I’m only about ½ inch away from the “Magic 8,” I wonder if it’s even worth pursuing. I know it doesn’t make any sense – I should be slamming for the “finish line,” but I’m not.
It just seems like 16 months of work was a fucking waste of time. My life doesn’t seem any happier for it.
Anyone else experience this???


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I'm the same way, I've been off for a little while now. I think the reason being is that I don't have any damn comparison pics!! If I did and saw the gains, I may wish to keep going. Who knows.



WaxN, I too go through the same, my minds eye tricks me, The ruler doesn't, nor the input of my ex-wife wanting me to stop yet, I still struggle with the motivation. It's that alter ego that shoots down with goals set by either telling you that you can't do it or just that it's not important enough. Any excuse not to complete what you set out to do. I had the first glimpse of me being bigger today. How awesome it was. I have added in both length and girth but could not see the changes. I have always looked the same to me. Today was different for some reason. I now have a little more motivation to continue on. I could actually see what I have been doing has made a change. You being a half inch from your goal is great, I still have a fair amount to go to reach my final goal. It's awesome that you have come so far, if you can make it, it will help all of us stay motivated to reach our goals. So few posts from people saying they finally hit their goal. I'm looking foreword to reading yours and maybe even being able to post mine someday.
I'm going through the same struggle right now. I always worked hard because I knew I was under average, now I'm passed in length and just a hair above average in girth.

I find that going through to my goal pictures usually sends me back to my Captn's Wench and cable clamps!

Motivation is one of the big keys to successful Penis Enlargement'ing. Just keep on remembering what you're working for, and you'll pick that drive back up.
the worst part about pe (well girth excersises) is that you gotta be erect, and It's really hard to stay erect for an hour at a time, so half the time is wasted on keeping the erection up. that's my problem at least.

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