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Jun 3, 2003
May 6 1527
Mercenaries sack the city of Rome, an event considered by many to mark the end of the Renaissance.

May 6 1626
Manhattan purchased by Dutch governor Peter Minuet for the equivalent of $24 in goods, which compounded at 6% annually is approximately $78 billion. But some scholars feel the actual value of the goods transferred to be in excess of $500, which translates to $1.6 trillion for the island when compounded.

May 6 1853
Ignoring signals, a train travels through an open drawbridge and into the Norwalk river in Connecticut, killing 46 passengers. The engineer and crew jumped clear, not warning the others of their fate.

May 6 1862
Henry David Thoreau, author of Walden and the essay Civil Disobedience, dead at age 44. His last words were "Moose.. Indian".

May 6 1983
West German authorities announce that the recently discovered " (Broken link for Hitler Diaries)" are counterfeits, made from paper not available until at least 1955. Parties unknown managed to swindle the German magazine Stern out of an undisclosed sum, and esteemed historian Hugh Trevor-Roper was so convinced of their authenticity that he proclaimed "I'm staking my reputation on it."

May 6 1987
Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker is formally defrocked by the Assemblies of God.

May 6 1993
Disgruntled postal worker Mark Richard Hilburn (recently fired) enters the Dana Point, CA post office and shoots two former coworkers, killing one.

May 6 1993
Disgruntled 27-year veteran Lawrence Jasion enters the garage area of the Dearborn, Michigan post office and whips out a .38 revolver. He proceeds to kill mechanic Gary Montes and wound two other coworkers. Before anyone can react, Jasion then blows his brains out. The Dearborn office was infamous for its authoritarian policies.

May 6 2002
Dutch right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn is shot six times in the head as he leaves a recording studio in Hilversum, near Amsterdam. His party platform was based on repeal of the discrimination clause of the constitution, an odd position considering that Fortuyn was homosexual. It is not clear what assassin Volkert van der Graaf's motive was, speculations ranging from Fortuyn's public statements regarding fur farming (van der Graaf is a founder of that country's Animal Liberation Front) to his sympathies towards Dutch Muslims.

May 6 1937

Zeppelin "Hindenberg" explodes at Lakehurst NJ, leaving 36 dead and others seriously burned. The airship was designed for helium but the good Germans filled it with hydrogen. Official cause of the explosion is listed as "St. Elmo's Fire."