Ok, first of all, this is not a negative post about Penis Enlargement. But rather, that I'm not sure if I want to be any bigger. This stems from a conversation I had with my girlfriend last week.

I usually steer clear of discussing dick size with my girlfriend, especially when it comes to her experiences in the past. But earlier in the week, we were talking about things that we have seen in porn, that we thought were over the top, and would never do, but then there was a gray area, of things that we haven't done, but might want to try. I won't get into specifics, or this thread will quickly stray off subject. But basically, on a few of them, she point blank asked me if i had ever done that. To which I said 'sure'.

Anyway, at the time I didn't realize that the discussion bothered her, but the next day, she made a few off-hand comments about how she evidently wasn't as adventurous as women in my past. Then she admitted that the conversation made her very insecure. So that's when I pointed out, that if we had a discussion about men in her past, I probably would feel insecure too. In an effort to reassure her, I said that I am sure you have had men bigger, and that in itself had to be better in a way. But doesn't mean that overall, they were better.

So she tells me that she has only been with one guy bigger than me, and he hurt her. So she says he definitely wasn't better, and that just goes to show what i really know. Then she said that even I hurt her sometimes in some positions, but that isn't really a problem because she can kind of shift her position so that it doesn't hurt too much. She added that a little pain isn't a bad thing when combined with extreme pleasure.

But I guess why I am starting to wonder if I should continue Penis Enlargement is for 2 reasons. First, she thinks that by far, I am the best lover she has had, at least that's what she says. I know she might just be saying that, but from what she has told me, in her teens, she was with several guys, who were basically clueless (as was she) and so even though it was good (hey, any sex in your teens is good), that it just isn't anything compared to us. Since her teens, she was in a long term relationship with a guy who as she describes, had a 4 inch dick and was a minute man.

Second, if the only guy bigger hurt her to the point that it wasn't enjoyable, and I already hurt her sometimes, I don't know if I want to get any bigger. She says that I am the perfect size as it is now.

I know the consensus here, is that the perfect size is 8x6, but that doesn't hold true for each individual woman. I have been with this woman for 2 years, the sex has always been amazing, but I guess I just figured no matter how good it is, it can always be better. So that's one of the reasons I started Penis Enlargement. That plus the fact that I still don't consider myself that big, and have image issues, even though I am 7 x 5 1/2. I have been Penis Enlargement'ing for 2 months now, and have made a little bit of gains, and I honestly believe that I could continue to gain if I stick with it. But now I'm not sure if it is really a good idea to try to get bigger.
Well, don't do it for your girlfriend man. Do it for yourself. If you want a bigger healthier package, then by all means continue. But if you personally don't feel you want it any bigger, than don't. Don't rely on what your girl says, what are the odds you stay with her forever anyway?


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I have to say that you should do what you think is best. There are two people in the relationship, and if you care for her and you know her to be an honest woman then handle it according to her word, and listen to her. I've come to the conclusion that size is important to us, and them to some degree, but in all reality everyone here knows there's so much more to love making then just the ol' in and out. Truely, size is more important to us in the long term because of image issues, consciousness, and performance problems. Again, I say do what you feel you should inregards to your relationship. Holla
You gotta do what you think is right for you...

I also thought about stopping Penis Enlargement when my girl asked me to stop. She told me that i was getting a little big for her and i was hurting her a lot of times. We talked about it again after a few days and she said that since i've gotten thicker, sex has been better for her and that she gets better and longer orgasms. She just thought that i was long enough. After thinking about it for a few days, i realized that the problem was with me and not the size of my cock. I experimented and found out that if i take it slower in the beginning and if i'm careful not to slam home too hard, she has a much better experience. With that, i decided not to stop as Penis Enlargement as i do it for myself as much as i do it for her. I just need to adjust my sex techniques as i get longer so as not to cause too much pain (a little is sometimes good).


You obviously have a great girl.

This is my stance on Penis Enlargement:

Total confidence. Penis Enlargement is all about confidence. That is why DLD posts so much about "mental Penis Enlargement", and that's why there is a whole forum dedicated to it. Penis Enlargement is about confidence.

If you are confident with your size, and your girl likes it, then its up to you to keep going or not, but you have the choice. Obviously you feel confident in your size, and I would say to give it a break, and see where the relationship goes. :)

id say stop doing Penis Enlargement and only do like foreskin restoration or somethin so the feeling of sex for you gets better

Just do the things you think are good for you now, if it turns out different after some time you can restart Penis Enlargement anyway. The relationship with your girlfriend is at number one now.



I am more confident, I know that sex is very satisfying for both of us. But, I still in the back of my mind, think it could be better.

Plus, I am going to have a hard time quitting. A couple of weeks ago, I thought about taking a few days off, just to give it a little rest cause my dick seemed a bit overworked. The longest I could make it was one day - haha.

And another thing, what sickdog said has got me to thinking, the guy that she had that was bigger that wasn't enjoyable because he hurt her, that had to have occurred in her teens, and chances are he had no idea what he was doing. There could have been several different factors that contributed to too much pain, and not just his size. I'm thinking that she could handle more (especially girthwise), and it be very enjoyable - but that would mean, like sikdogg said, having to change my technique a bit. And since the change would be gradual, I think she would be able to adapt.

Plus, like someone else said, we may not always be together. Right now, things are so perfect, that I can't imagine us not being together, but you never know. And so if I quit now, and a year or whatever down the road, things happen, and it doesn't work out, then I will have lost a lot of valuable time.

I guess the jury is still out on this. But meanwhile, I had a good Penis Enlargement workout yesterday :)
well she will grow with u, Jen can accomadtate DLD's size (he's 7 inch girth) so you're girl could, just be gentle, and u will both brow together till u get 8x6 or whatever u want.
RazedNegative said:
Well, don't do it for your girlfriend man. Do it for yourself. If you want a bigger healthier package, then by all means continue. But if you personally don't feel you want it any bigger, than don't. Don't rely on what your girl says, what are the odds you stay with her forever anyway?
I agree half-way. Don't do anything just because your girlfriend says so. But don't do anything that hurts her. That's common sense. And about not stopping Penis Enlargement because you might not be with this one girl forever, that's bullshit.

Yves said:
Just do the things you think are good for you now, if it turns out different after some time you can restart Penis Enlargement anyway. The relationship with your girlfriend is at number one now.
Penis Enlargement will always be there. Your gains won't go away (if they are cemented) and you can easily start back up and probably gain again. If you like this girl and the sex is good for both of you, just ease out of Penis Enlargement. No need to go cold turkey but "down-size" a little in workout volume and intensity over the nest month or two.


BeBobBox, luckily I am uncut, so it's already great for me :)

I'm leaning towards what ApostleInTriumph said, which is doing a maintenance only routine, mainly just for overall penis healh and to cement any gains I've made so far.


And about not stopping Penis Enlargement because you might not be with this one girl forever, that's bullshit
ebon00, I see your point. If I were 100% sure that she absolutely would not want me any bigger, then I would probably quit. I guess my problem is, that even though she is saying that, I don't know for sure if that's entirely true.

I have no idea how big this other guy was, she just said bigger - and that he hurt her - so I don't know if the guy was a little bigger, or had a monster cock. If he was just a little bigger, like around an inch or so, then I could assume that I am probably indeed the perfect size for her. But if he had a substantially larger cock, like 9 or 10 with 6.5+ girth, then I could probably gain a bit more without it being a problem for her, and she might even like it more. I guess that's my predicament, whether she will like it more if I got bigger, or if it would be uncomfortable for her and negate any benefit of being larger.


First off in any relationship the most important factor is communication. You made her feel insecure by telling her about some of your exploits with other woman. But here is the point: she told you that knowing that made her feel insecure. She's communicating with you, so you need to ask yourself if you are communicating with her. If you are only thinking about what you want and what you might be giving up, then maybe you are dooming this relationship right now.

On the other hand, she claims that even though you hurt her sometimes she can adjust her position to accomodate, so it doesn't sound like you need to quit cold turkey.

Finally, your talking this out with friends here in this forum, so why not discuss it with her, find out what she wants so that you can take that into account in making your decision. To speculate that the relationship may not last is a cop out. It's a way for you to rationalize what you want without taking her into consideration. Don't go down that road.

I don't want to sound like I'm putting you down, ultimately, the decision is yours, but it sounds like you have a real good thing going on here. So my best advice is talk to her and be open about what your doing (assuming you haven't told her about Penis Enlargement) and then do whats right for the relationship, not whats necessarily right for just you.


lz2483, communication is important, and it's good to get some issues out in the open and out of the way, as far as why either of us would feel insecure at this point, when there is really no reason to feel that way. But I guess we all go through that, even later on in a relationship, things come up that make you insecure or jealous. But even so, it's not like either of us are insanely jealous or insecure to the point that it would be a major problem.

As far as talking to her about this, I am not sure if I could get an honest answer if I just flat out asked her. And since I haven't told her about Penis Enlargement, she would probably not tell me she would like more, if she thinks that I have what I have, so why subject me to that. There should be open communication and honesty in a relationship, and we have enormous trust in each other, but still, there are things you just don't say or avoid saying, know what I mean?

By the way, thanks for all the replies, I don't take anything personal - so any disagreements on this subject are welcome, or I wouldn't have asked :)