"they Fit" condom size vs. "Large",Magnum, Magnum XL


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Oct 25, 2003
""they Fit" condom size vs. "Large",Magnum, Magnum XL"
Like many, I wonder if I would need a larger condom ( or maybe not even "need" but could use and it wouldnt be too big). I havent used one in years, but I remember at a very average girth and a decent length , regulars were tight and did not cover my whole shaft.

Now they have those "they fit" condoms with the 55 sizes and sizing kit. I wonder if anyone knows what sizes would be comparable to Large, Magnum, Magnum XL,etc. I also wonder if one day instead of giving our sizes in inches, we would just say " Yeah, I'm a L99, or a N11,etc"

If I followed directions correctly, I am N11. I am much longer than "N" especially bone pressed,but using the paper ruler you place it behind the penis and obviously not bone pressed; only down as far as you would want the condom to go.

I am interested in experiences and opinions of others who have measured for the custom condoms, if you have used them, as well as experiences with the "larger" brand condoms and the comparable sizes.
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