The TLC ADS is so great

This TLC is great!! I've made several attempts at it and the TLC is the Cadillac of all ADS. This will be my second tool that I WILL use right under my Bib Starter. Those still worrying about it restoring foreskin, it won't. After 2 sessions of BTC hanging my ligs are aching and after applying the TLC,my ligs ache with every step I take, that shows it is pulling on the shaft. If you still want to try an ADS but haven't found one to be comfortable,try this one,I promise it will be your last. Ron Low(The inventor) deserves the Nobel ADS prize :). I would suggest getting one before the price goes up, this product is very under priced it is worth 4 times the amount now. Thanks,Supra for sharing this fine product.


Eh, it's OK. I'm not that impressed by it honestly. ONce again I've been dissapointed by a so called "ADS ". I cant wear it with much tension for very long w/out it wanting to come off. I have plenty of skin in the cone too. When it IS on, the pull is mostly on the skin. The glans is way back behind the front of the cone. I guess some guys like this thing, but like I said, I'm still looking for a true "ADS ".

By the way, Ron Low is not the inventor. Http:// ;)


Yea the 2 cones mechanism needs a bit of work, its a great idea, but with some tuning I bet you could get it to stay on all day no problem. I working on something now that will lock them in place for better grip on the skin to prevent any slipping.

It doesn't just pull on the skin though, how do you know it's only doing that? Try pulling on it hard to test and you will feel it in the tunica/ligs.
New light on the subject I was ready to buy one until reading stillwantmore's reply, now I'm unsure again. I know where my PM (Penimaster ) is it is in a box in a drawer because of head numbness more than a few times.
I personally LOVE this ADS, I don't have any problem with slipping or anything else, this is the best thing I have bought to do with Penis Enlargement so far!


Keep in mind guys, this is just MY personal opinion and feedback from my personal experience with this product. That does not mean that it will not work well for you. I used to own a Penimaster...hated it. Sold it to a guy and he LOVED it. So, dont let my feedback and opinions stop you from potentially "missing the boat" so to speak.


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