"The Slugs" (Black patches of blood) jelq injury


Well, I'm not sure if my old injry is back or not.

The thing is that when I jelq I get that sort of dull pain on the left side of the shaft BUT, I did some testing of pressures and friction on my dick and it seems that the same sensation of pain can be felt on the right side ALSO.

To add to that when I stretched the skin (15min of jelqing already done at this point) like I would in a jelq, the dull stinging pain came but it was from skin alone!

But in the end, unlike my previous injury which made the spot barely untouchable after about 15 jelqs and left "slugs" that could have been burst veins or something BUT now after my intense jelq session today and yesterday I have none of these visual signs.

(could these "slugs" have been thrombosed veins?, it looked like I had flat and wide slugs under the skin and it hurt like crazy to touch them)

And to add to this saga I have a small dark spot on my curcumcision scar (top of penis, slightly to the right, also it doesn't hurt) similar to what another member here only recently described.

FINALLY, the last two days I have done some very intense jelqing by making a very tight tourniquet with the OK grip, and do you thing that this is going too far?
_My head gets filled tight with blood when my OK grip is only halfway up the shaft, going further seems to give it a real filling but suprisingly I have not had any red spots at all since my return to Penis Enlargement!

Is this due to my overzealousness?


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could be - I think them slug things are some sort of swollen veins or maybe a thrombosed? either way apply cold / hot wraps to it alternating them for about 20 minutes, if ya can use icey water and put that on via the cloth than the hot water ...IMHO this is the quickest and best way to rid hurt veins [I had alot].

I dont think doing the Torniquet aka Constriction methods is bad...I LUV this form of art and is very productive for me...but if you get the slugs or any other crap just apply the wrappys and be more careful next time - build up to that pressure.


Thanks zulu :)

I also wonder if I could be doing the damage from stretfching with heaps of force (meaning that I squeeze real hard just behind the head to get max grip).

I could be squashing tissue just behind the head (where the main soreness is) and added to the stretching I could have "pinched" tissue there!

Well, anyway I have to make sure there is no blood in the head when I stretch as since I stretch real hard with a max grip it forces the little bit of blood that there is in the head right to the very tip.
__Not sure if this is a good thing or not though.


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