The real banning of prohormones and legal steroids.

Apr 8, 2004
"The real banning of prohormones and legal steroids."
The bill was passed in the house, but NOT in the Senate.

With the passing of the House version of the bill to criminalize prohormones (H.R. 3866), the death of prohormone supplements seemed at hand. But things took an unexpected and remarkable turn on June 21 with a spirited exchange on the Senate floor between Senators Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch. Durbin had been pushing legislation to mandate Adverse Event Reporting (AER) of "serious adverse health experiences" associated with dietary supplements containing a stimulant that are sold on military installations, as well as other anti-supplement legislation. But after the showdown with Hatch, Durbin withdrew his proposed ammendment to the Defense Authorization Bill and agreed instead to work with Senator Hatch and the supplement industry to develop a mutually acceptable AER system for all dietary supplements . Subject to the approval of co-sponsor Senator Joe Biden, the new AER system would be part of the Hatch-Biden Senate bill criminalizing prohormones (S.2195). The practical effect, according to USFA Executive Director, Mike DiMaggio and General Counsel Rick Collins, Esq., it appears that the prohormone bill will be stalled until a suitable AER system can be worked out, possibly for many months. Of course the situation remains extremely fluid, so for the latest news visit

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