The other night

Man, guys, the other night, Thursday, the wife and I went out with a friend of mine from school and his girlfriend. She brought a couple that she is friends with and another girl she knows. Anyway, I'd had a couple before we got the club and then a couple more...and wife goes to the bathroom. So I move over to wife's to the single girl. Yeah, I spent the rest of the night practically mugging this girl. I was SO fucking one point I was putting my hands on her ass and her thigh and I spilled beer all over her purse...I was freaking pathetic. But she didn't seem to mind- she seemed into it as much as I. And unbelievably my wife didn't shit a brick..although I was wa too drunk to be worried. I think my wife was in her own drunk world. She would say things like "why don't you flirt a little harder?" And so I would. :D Plus she said she thought my friend was hot. It was a fun nite
lol, I've gotten all drunk and hit on ex-girlfriends good friends and shit before, like right when they were there. Gotta watch that shit man. That seems weird tho that your wife didn't get mad, I'd expect her to get jealous as shit. I guess that could be a good thing OR a bad thing. Who knows...sounds fun tho.
Mmmm...which couple did you "have" before you got to the bar, you naughty boy? The one your wife brought or the one you brought? :D

Actually, I was surprised to find out that my wife is curious to see me with another woman. I always suspected she was a little bi, like me, but she just recently confirmed it, and now talks openly about it. If we are going through new adult videos at our store , pricing them and putting them up, she will say "Ooh, she's cute. Let's take this one home and watch it." I think it's actually pretty cool that she would want to have a girl-girl-guy threesome! Plus, it turns me on watching her watch a girl-girl scene in a movie.

We are actually way too square to every try anything crazy like swinging...but fantasies are good, too, and can't wreck your marriage like swapping or a threesome can. Although I am kinda into the guy-guy-girl thing, I would never let another man touch my wife in real life.

Maybe your wife is a little bit curious, too...?

It sounds to me from reading your post, that she was kind of turned on by you being all horny and masculine and gropy. I bet she was getting a thrill from watching you pawing this other chick, and was maybe a little amused by it-- knowing you were drunk, of course.

Be careful, tho, cause the next time you get jealous or you two get into a tiff, she's going to bring it up and throw it in your face! They ALWAYS do.

Wife: "Sniff! Well, you weren't jealous that night we all went to the bar and you groped my friend all night long!"
Well, wife has only recently (within last year) admitted she occasionally finds other girls attractive, but she rarely says it openly. I actually asked her at one point in the night what she would think about getting this other girl to go home with us (keep in mind I was drunk as fuck). She wasn't going for it. And, yeah, Kong, I have no doubts I will hear about this again in the future.

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