The only way to fully ensure success... Changing Your Reality

Jan 18, 2004
This was Posted by Razorjack a pretty good PUA over at Fastseduction and he pretty much sums up what i mean by a "reality"...enjoy

Wassup Playas!

Before I go on to the way I look at the Art of PU and seduction. There's a couple of things I want to get across.

Will this method work for everyone?

I have no idea, I've never taught it to any one, I just know that it works for me. This method is something I developed for myself after alot of field experience, crash & burns and trial & error. But I do believe it can work for anyone because the implementation of the Razorjack Method is conformed to the PUAs personality and set of beliefs.

Is Razorjack Method a unique method?

I think so, or maybe it isn't but I haven't found anything like it. Judge for yourself.


I am what I would call a semi-natural PUA. In my pre-ASF days I had decent success, I was getting my share of the action but I wasn't getting it consistently. I mainly relied on my looks and although I could get lots of 7s and a few 8s, 9s and 10s were pretty much impossible.

After I discovered ASF, I tried and failed miserably with SS. MM worked fairly well but I was getting alot of flakes. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't MM that was getting me flakes, it was my implementation of it. I just couldn't keep track of all the steps, the state the target was in, when I should go into the next step, etc. Again this has nothing to do with MM, I'm sure it's a great method. It's just that I'm an impatient bastard and it was taking me too long. :) I also tried Juggler's method and GWM, but neither of them felt like a complete method. Again, it has nothing to do with Juggler's method or GWM, it was my implementation of it. I think a big reason why I couldn't use these methods was because I'd never seen them in real life, only read about them and tried them out in the field the way I thought they were supposed to be used.

Another reason why I decided to find a method that was suited to my own personality and set of beliefs was the realization that I could never be as good as Ross Jeffries, Mystery, Juggler or Gunwitch using their methods.

So after analyzing my game (or lack of game :)) and ALOT of soul searching I came up with Razorjack Method.

I. Razorjack Method - Introduction:

The Razorjack Method is more a set of beliefs and a frame of mind than an actual structured method. This is because I think the Art of PU and seduction is fluid and dynamic rather than structured. Even though you will see similarities from one PU to another they're never completely the same because not every person is the same. That is why as a PUA you must be fluid, dynamic and adaptable to the situation.

It is then this set of beliefs and frame of mind that actually steers the PU/sarge/seduction. I found that the biggest advantage of the Razorjack Method is that it helps the PUA think beyond the PU and once you start to think beyond the PU, the close/sex is no longer a big deal, it's just a matter of fact. This may be hard to grasp, but try to think of it like this metaphor:

Suppose you want to raise you annual salary by $10,000. Now $10,000 sounds like a lot, but it's only half of $20,000. So if you aim for $20,000 and work hard to get it then $10,000 doesn't seem like such a big deal any more.

Another advantage I found was that Razorjack Method is not bound to a linear set of steps. This can also be a disadvantage, but the advantage is that the PU/sarge/seduction becomes very dynamic, fluid and spontaneous. Using this method I've had sarges that were like 5 hours of talking before the close, I've had one sarge that could only be described as GWM on the dance floor where I didn't say more than 10 words before the close, another sarge where I didn't talk to the target more than 5min but kinoed her for 1 hour while talking to her friend before closing, etc.

One more thing before I get into the actual method:

Razorjack Method is not for beginners, armchair seductionists or PU theorists. Razorjack Method requires that you have some field experience, a decent PU toolbox and that you have a good idea about who you are as a person.

II. Razorjack Method - The Mindset

Like mentioned previously, Razorjack Method is more a set of beliefs and a frame of mind than an actual structured method. So let's get started!

Imagine that you work for an elite fashion model agency. It's your job to go out and recruit new talent, tomorrow's top female supermodels. Ok I know you're getting a hard on now, but try and pay attention. :)

Ok, now your office is full of hot women that would be willing to do anything for you just so you would pick them. When you are trying to discover the next supermodel how would you act in front of all the hot candidates in your office? Do you think you would have to ask for sex or would it just come as part of the job? Would you go around trying to impress the candidates or is it the candidates' job to try and impress you? Knowing that there are 200 hot and willing women in the room, would you try and come up with some clever sneaky way to sex one of the candidates or would you just tell her "let's go"?

I know you're thinking that this would be a dream scenario and impossible for ordinary guys. I agree, it would require a tremendous amount of luck to get a job like that. But it doesn't require anything to adopt that frame of mind. This is the core essence of Razorjack Method.

Those model candidates would flock to the recruiting agent because he is the only one who could give them what they've dreamed of. Razorjack Method is based on the idea that the PUA KNOWS he has something of such rare quality that women would flock to him without hesitation. If you don't believe you have anything of such rare quality than you should stop right here, Razorjack Method is not for you. You'd be better off with one of the other methods.

III. Razorjack Method - Implementation

So what is this rare quality that I'm referring to? Well I can't tell you, only you can answer this. Remember earlier where I mentioned that my method is conformed by the PUA to his set of beliefs and personality, well this is it. This is not easy, it takes time and alot of soul-searching. You have to find out exactly what your beliefs are, what your best and worst qualities are, what your reality is, etc. This is a lot harder than it sounds, because as humans we tend to change and evolve.

OK, now that I've filled your head with plenty of abstract information, let me explain what my rare quality is and how I acquired it(at this moment in time, it may change sometime in the future):

In order for me to find out what kind of person I am, I had to ask myself some questions. I suggest anyone wanting to learn Razorjack Method do the same and be COMPLETELY honest here, DO NOT MENTAL MASTURBATE!

1. Why would any chick want me? (Make a list here explaining why)
2. What do I have that she would want? (Make a list here with all your qualities)
3. What am I willing to give a chick that I want? (Make a list of things that YOU like doing and that you know chicks would also enjoy)
4. How would I treat a chick that I let into my life? (Make a list of the special treatment a chick can get from you if you let her into your world)
5. Are the qualities I have valuable to me? (I hope you can answer, yes, b/c if they're are valuable to you then they can also be valuable to others)
6. Knowing that I have these special qualities (from question #2), who is the most important person in my life? (You should know the answer to this one)
7. Now that I know how special I am, who would get more out of a PU, me or the chick?
8. Knowing that the chick would have a lot more to gain than me out of an interaction, would ANY and ALL chicks be lucky to have me in their lives?
9. Knowing that ANY chick would be lucky to have me in their life, if she doesn't realize this then is there something wrong with me or is this particular chick too stupid to realize just how lucky she is?
10. Knowing that I'm as valuable as a Ferrari on the car market, do I need to convince anyone to drive a Ferrari or does the Ferrari sell it self? If this chick doesn't realize how lucky she is, do I need to convince her she's making a mistake or do I give the 11 hotter chicks, standing behind her (that would LOVE to have me in their life), a chance?
12. Now that I have something valuable for EVERY women in the world, what qualities should she have in order for me to let her in my life? (make a list of the qualities you want in a woman)
13. What are the rules people have to follow in order to stay a part of my life?(make a list of the rules women or anyone for that matter must follow in order to have you in their lives)

There are probably 1000 more questions to list here, but you get the idea.

I found out that I am a very generous person towards people that I feel deserve my generosity. So my mindset is that I am giving a rare gift to any woman I PU. I know what you're thinking: "well what the hell is your rare gift, Razorjack?"

Well since I'm a generous person, here it is:

My rare gift is my reality, my world. My reality consists of free love to any one I let in. This includes not just good sex, but incredible sex where I would actually like to make a woman's fantasy come true. In my reality there is mutual respect. No one is judged or accused in my reality, this means that women are free to tell me their most erotic fantasies without me accusing them of being sluts or perverts. I love to pleasure and spoil women, like giving sensual massages and cooking romantic dinners for them. I love being intimate with women, doesn't just have to be sex. I love to make women feel good. I will always listen and try to help the women in my world whenever they would need it. I genuinely care for and love all the women in my life. They can get love and intimacy from me whenever they want (if I have free time).

Just like in the real world, there are rules in my reality. I don't let just anyone in, women have to qualify in order to enter my world. I will not tolerate manipulation or disrespect by anyone in my world. Violation of these and other rules will result in first a warning and then being ejected out of my world if violations persist.

It only took a few minutes to type my reality in to the computer, but it took me several months of constant 24/7 soul-searching to figure out what my reality is.

Now I don't know if you see it, but to me this gift is priceless. What woman would not want this for her self?

IV. Razorjack Method - Three Step "Structure"

This is a PU structure or steps that I follow but it's kept very general in order for the PU to remain fluid and dynamic.

Step 1: Project your Reality.
Mastering this step will probably take more time than mastering the others but you only have to do it once. Once you've mastered this step, the sarge becomes so much easier and the rest of the steps flow smoothly and effortlessly. This step consists of basically adopting the mindset discussed earlier. You have to really believe that you have a rare gift/quality that has incredible value to all women. Once you start to KNOW it then you'll notice a HUGE improvement in your game. Knowing that you have a rare quality/gift will change your attitude, posture, body language, etc and you'll never supplicate again. Believe me women will also notice this.

Step 2: Give the Target "a sneak peak" of YOUR Reality
This is where you invite the target into your reality for a sneak preview of what it would be like to be with you. This step is really easy. If you've done the soul-searching than you know what qualities you have and what things are important to you. This is what you talk about with her. Now you have an endless amount of topics to discuss with your target. Inviting the target into your reality doesn't have to be verbal either, it could be with your body language, your attitude, the way you dance, whatever. This is what keeps the PU fluid and dynamic.

Step 3: Qualify the Target
This is where you qualify the target to find out if she meets the requirements you listed in question #10. During this step is usually when she'll start to ask me questions or wanting rapport as we say on mASF. The way I do it is I giver her more and more rapport as she meets more and more of my qualifications.

V. Razorjack Method - Utilization

This section will deal with how you use the mindset to tackle real world PU problems. Like I stated earlier the mindset is what steers the PU/sarge/interaction.

A. Openers:

Openers really don't matter, if you consider that the chick is lucky that you even approached her. Open with whatever and move on. Remember that you're giving her a chance to prove that she's worthy enough to have you in her life.

B. Attitude, Body Language, Alphaness, etc:

If you truly believe that you are valuable and have special qualities then it will ooze out of every pore of your being. It's like the difference between a rusty Buick and a brand new Ferrari. The Ferrari, even with the engine turned off just screams AWESOME. If you were selling a rusty old Buick then you would need to push that car onto to others in order to convince them to buy it. If you're selling a Ferrari, you don't need to convince anyone that the Ferrari is an awesome car, people not only can see it, they KNOW it. You need to be that Ferrari!

C. Topics of discussion:

A lot of newbies here ask "What should I talk about?" You know what you're values are, what your reality is, what your world is, what you're looking for in a woman, etc. This is an endless pool of resources for discussion topics.

D. Attraction:

I don't use push/pull or any other attraction tactics, I believe the reality I'm projecting does all the attraction for me. I use a bit of C & F and C & P but in very small amounts. I just happen to be a good-looking guy, so maybe this helps me, but then there's the thing about looks not mattering at all. This is a possible topic of debate? Like I said I don't know anyone else who uses this method so I have no reference to compare to.

E. Rapport, Trust & Comfort, Connection building, etc:

There's been a lot of debate on this issue. I personally just assume rapport, trust & comfort, etc. I don't think about this at all. I know that I'm a trustworthy and reliable person and that any chick would be lucky to be with me. I'll answer what she wants to know about me if she meets my qualifications. So I see no need to worry about this part.

F. Shit tests:

This is the part of the sarge I enjoy the most, but I don't get that many shit tests anymore, since I started using my method. Whenever I do get a "shit test" I pretty much blow it out of the water . Again it's all steered by my mindset. IMO if a chick is "shit testing" me then she either doesn't believe that I'm the REAL DEAL or she needs a reason to allow herself to be attracted to me.

The way I pass "shit tests" is real simple. If I have an answer to her shit test then I'll answer it.
For example:

HB: Don't think I'm going to have sex with you tonight.
RJ: We've been talking for about 5 minutes and you're already thinking about sex? (said playfully) Wow you must really be attracted to me! (evil grin) BTW I don't have sex with just any chick, she has to qualify first.

Here is where I would talk about sex and start to qualify her.

If it's "shit test" that I don't have an answer to then I'll do anything from a takeaway, to flirting with other chicks or just down right ignore the shit like it's completely beneath me to answer stupid questions from a sili girl.

G. AMOG destroying:

This is also another part of the sarge that I really enjoy. What's funny is that since I reached the PUA level with my method, I almost never get an AMOG disrupting my sarge. It's almost like they know I'll blow them out before they even get their game going.

It's all about remembering how rare your qualities are and how valuable that is to the chicks. If we use the car analogy again, it's like you selling your Ferrari and have the customer completely interested, then some used car salesman comes and tells your customer to buy a kit car Ferrari look-alike imitation with no warrantee or guarantee of quality. It would be beneath you to even compete against the used car salesman, because you have 10 other prospecting customers standing in line waiting to buy your Ferrari.

With this in mind, my preferred method of AMOG destroying is to befriend the AMOG as soon as he comes in and before he even gets his game started, I'll start to flirt with other chicks and give the target the impression that I'll leave her ass for someone else if she even gives the AMOG the slightest bit of attention. The chick will blow out the AMOG almost immediately. Any of the AMOG destroyers on this forum will also work.


I never get problems with LMR and ASD anymore. Again I think it has to do with my mindset. I realize that I am so valuable and complete the way I am that I don't NEED sex. It's not a numbers game for me anymore. I don't see the chicks as sluts or sex objects, so I'll never treat them like sluts, matter of fact they know that they can be as slutty as they want around me and I'll only enjoy it, never judge them. I never rush the sarge, so the chicks know that I don't need them when I have others that are willing to be with me. Matter of fact they know that they need me more than I need them. So no LMR or ASD.

I covered everything I could think of, but I'm blind to a lot of details and really suck at explaining PU theory because I am somewhat of a natural. If there's anything that's unclear just ask and I'll try to explain it as best I can.

Comments, feedback, and flaming :) is always welcome.



This post was mainly directed at PUA's and not the general public so if you dont understand some of it dont worry just ask me questions as this is basicaly what ive been doing for a while.

Every PUA finds his own special tweeks in the game and I too dont fully implement this but as a rule anyone who hasnt IS NOT A PUA should follow this and David D'Angelo's book "Double Your Dating" to the t. And to define a PUA in my words is if you can lay a perfect 10 after 8 hours of field time with her no matter what the situation, time, or place. And most guys mistake a 10 with regular old 7's or 8's. A 10 is someone as hot as Jenna Jamison or Carmen Electra. Actually i wouldnt even give Carmen a 10 i'd say she's a 9.5. And If you can lay 10's and its consistant then tweek away but besides that im here to answer you questions.



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Jun 3, 2003
Great post crzy.


I'm TOTALLY lost. Some one care to define and explain all the rediculous acronymns and letter abbreviations???
Jan 18, 2004
HB: Hot Babe

Sarge: Picking up chicks

AMOG: Alpha male other guy

ASD: anti-slut defence

Shit Test: When chicks test ya by saying shit like "you just wanna have sex with me" or "do you think im fat". The thing is with shit tests if you answer yes or no the answer is wrong and either makes you seem like a suck up or a loser afc.

AFC: Average Frustrated Chump makes up 99.999% of the earths males

PU: Pick-Up

GWM: Gunwithch Method(good PU material but awfully vague and inconsistant). You can find a link to the GWM somewhere in the stickies.

MM: Mystery Method. A very basic yet effective PU approach created by Mystery.

SS: Speed Seduction. A PU approach but imho its kinda AFCish and aint for the more advanced PUA crowd...

Any other ya need clarified SWM just tell me.
Jan 18, 2004
Guess there aint that many experienced PUA's on MOS...Well i'd still be happy to help anyone new to the game, or any AFC's in need of help.


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Nov 25, 2003
I like the attitude in the Razor method! Yep they're lucky I'm interested in them peorid! Most women I have met are dingy ass drama queens! Who the hell needs that in their life! Good post !
Sep 25, 2003
Good Post....I used to follow fastseduction but stopped a few months back and am more of a user of MM type of pickup...

There is not much that I can disagree with from Razor's method but it really is more of his explanation of having strong inner game...

Good stuff but I think that there is a certain value in being able to have a toolbox of practical in-field techniques to work rooms like sets of openers you can always fall back on and conversational threads that you know work well and can deliver properly.

So I'd agree that everything Razor suggests you think about and figure out for yourself is good......but you should also think about other things like specifically how you can actually CONVEY your perceived value to your target quickly and effectively...and learning about social dynamics and groups is also key...there are sets of rules or principles that you are better off following when you work a room.

I think Razor's mindset is good and is within the realm of a PUA mindset...I mean giving himself his own perceived value keeps him moving from target to target if he wants and makes him convey that he is willing to walk and has other options, which is good...but the key is to go out and practice for yourself...I mean if you think something that no one else sees maybe you're just crazy so the key is to CONVEY this value...but Razor apparently is succeeding in the field so he is behaving properly...If you can get the right behavior then the inner game will follow....but it can work the other way too with you using a strong foundation of inner game in order to gain little victories and get more field experience and finally becoming a full blown PUA with PUA behavior....

Cool Post crazy gun...thanks for bringing it in...maybe I'll return to ASF for awhile and see what the new guys are doing...

:rocker: :rocker: :rocker: :rocker: