The Movie, "National Security"...funny, but very cheesy on the gun stuff....



Typical Hollywood B.S. Martin Lawrence's character for example in one scene shoots after a woman's stolen (Jaguar I think?) of the bullets enters in the general viscinity of where the gas tank might be...and a few moments later (oooh, exploding handgun bullets with a TIME DELAY!!) the car erupts in a way too over Hollywood-ed fire ball.

Not to mention same guy's character is a civilian rent-a-cop with a concealed carry Glock 18 (select fire..full auto) machine pistol. First off, the likely hood of a civilain...especially a rent-a-cop even being able to aquire a Glock nearly impossible....but they sure as hell are not going to be able to legally carry one. That in itself would be enough to land a guy in prison for more than a few years. Unlawful posession of a class III weapon (full auto fire) AND carrying said weapon concealed??? Jeeze. Not only that but this Glock 18 has a chrome slide. LOL...theyre only available with the standard black oxide finish. I love the movies.