The long journey promise

May 8, 2004
"The long journey promise"
Well, I have never actually made a promise as to how big I wanted to gain in a month or anything like that because I just wanted to see if this stuff worked or not. OBVIOUSLY it does, so I am making a promise to myself that I will gain .5 in length by the middle of June. This would put me at 6.5 NBPenis EnlargementL. I measure that way only because I am 168 pounds and 5 10 so I really have no difference bp to nbp. Plus, NBP is what the girl sees. I feel like a champ nowadays. I am 6 inches erect and was a tad over 5 inches in the middle of February this year. Crazy! to me...

I am not going to do anything much differently the rest of the way to 6.5 EL, but I will if I am not noticing gains. This will take a lot of hard work, but I have been doing this routine for like a week now and it feels incredible when I am done. I have been doing the stretches and jelqs this way for about 2 1/2 weeks. Here is my routine the one I am sticking with until say June 14??????

Days- 1 on 1 off

4 sets of 1 minute stretch up
down and right
down and left

6 sets of 1 minute A stretches

2 sets of 30 rotary cranks

600 wet jelqs

every 100th jelq kegel hard 10x or until fully hard, wait till it goes down a little and continue jelqing

after jelq session move onto constrictor type exercises

4 1 minute sqeeze at base/squeeze just under glans

while squeezing base and under glans area kegel hard throughout the minute

6 sets of bends (left to right) squeezing at base and bending to one side only each set hold for 20 seconds each

10 sets of 10 kegels

2 or more hours later 4 sets of 15 JAI stretches

This is going to be tough fellas. I go back to work Monday. (thank god my routine day falls on tomorrow) Then a week of training bullshit and then I start my second job the following week, then later in June my third job (weekends only) starts. :D

Man I hope I can get laid somewhere in between all this... Once I hit 6.5 inches EL I am making it a goal to get laid. I'll come out with my own'll be the saddest fuckin site you ever saw...there'll be no one getting head, laid, or touched for that matter...well maybe I'll get slapped a few times, but'd be like I'd have a webcam, but not a real discrete one. I'll have it attached to a helmet by ducttape and I'll have a damn microphone...It'll be like Jamie Fox in his one comedy special...Anyone want a dick? wantadick?Igottadickhere, anyone...I got the dick right here...ANYONE? oooh what a sad sad man.....
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