The Girl With The Tattoos


Jun 3, 2003

Had open innocent grey-green eyes and freckles everywhere,

and pert little breasts that pressed hard little nipples against

the satin blouse she wore. On her hands were many silver rings,

and peeking from her blouse was a large flower tattoo that I

imagined painted most of her left breast. She wore too much

cheap makeup, and there were small scars bruises on her freckled

legs. There was something in her eyes, suBathmateission mixed with

eagerness, that made me wonder how her face would look in orgasm.

She flirted openly, and so I asked her to dinner. As we faced

each other across the small table she must have read my mind, as

she delicately asked my sexual preferences. I kept catching her

looking at me, and by the time we left, it was a problem to keep

my erection from showing.

We went to her place. Her roommate and the roommate's

boyfriend were there. The tattooed girl said hello to him and

kissed him, and for a moment I felt a pang of jealousy, for it

was too long and too hot for just friends. But when she

introduced her roommate to me, the roommate followed their

precedent and kissed me. It was a heated kiss, as though she

were trying to draw something out of me; her lips parted and I

felt her hips move against mine. When the introductions were

over, I was breathing heavily.

We sat facing on a pair of couches. I asked the tattooed

girl where the picture on her chest ended. "Want to see ?", she

asked, and began to unbutton her shirt. She pulled it open to

reveal a well-rendered surreal serpent on the background of

freckles that faded away on her soft smooth breasts. Its head,

the part that showed above her blouse, was a flower; the tail was

a bronze-scaled coil that wrapped her breast. The end of the

serpent was drawn on the aureole, as though trying to titillate

the upturned nipple. "She drew it", she informed me, smiling at

her girl friend. "She'll paint you, too, if you want". While I

was absorbed in studying the artwork and its soft background, the

roommate opened her guy's shirt and, after some hesitation, his

pants as well. She stood him up and slipped his pants and

underwear down. On the front of his hip, where a bathing suit

would hide it, began a similar serpent, except with the head of a

bronze penis. The tail zigzagged to the base of his cock and

faded out halfway down it. She touched the underside of his cock

and smiled. The effect was a two-headed snake, one end of which

was now rising in small steps. He was staring at the tattooed

girl's chest, and the girls were appraising his stiffening penis.

"Let's go to the pool", one of them said. It was late, and they

knew we would be alone there.

So we all removed our clothes, the girls looking carefully

at me. They gave me a spare suit. It was specially made: split

up one side and held closed with Velcro. It could be opened and

would hang on one thigh while allowing total freedom. The girls'

tops had a similar design; the straps crossed in front, and were

fastened there with Velcro to the cups, so the straps stayed at

their necks for easy refastening. The roommate whispered

something to Tattoo, and she giggled and put her hand to her

bush, and smiled and nodded. The guy and I had to tie towels

around our waists to cover our hard-ons, but finally we were

ready for the short walk to the pool.

The familiar scent of chlorine and the hot still night

relaxed me, but wondering what was to come kept me excited. We

swam for a short time. The pool had steps at the shallow end in

a corner, where we sat waist-deep in the warm water , the girls

next to each other at the intersection. In the rippling dim

light reflected from the pool, they stared at one another. They

pulled open each other's tops and moved very close until their

hard nipples touched, without speaking. Their nipples were stiff

enough to see the depression made in their soft breasts when they

pressed together. I slid closer to Tattoo and kissed her

shoulder. The flower-serpent seemed to be constricting on the

roommate's compact breast. She pressed her head against mine,

but kept looking at her friend. The other guy had opened his

girl's bottoms and was stroking her pubic hair. Her nipples were

smaller than Tattoo's, tight little buttons. As he touched her,

they puckered harder. I turned my attention to Tattoo, stroking

her, pulling her bottoms open, petting her ass, sliding against

her. When I looked up, the other couple had moved; she sat

facing away from him on his legs, ass thrust backwards, while he

leaned against the wall of the pool. His eyes were closed, but

hers were sparkling. Supported by the water , she was subtly

moving against him, a little farther back with each motion. A

small jar was open on the poolside. I realized it was a jar of

Vaseline , and that she was slowly working her anus onto his hard

cock, just under the water . Her eyes began to close, and though

they were leaning apart, they seemed to be cuddling.

Tattoo turned to look at me. She looked down and pulled the

velcro on my suit to free my straining penis, and then looked

straight into my eyes, questioning. I turned her around to lean

on the edge of the pool where it was shallow enough that the

water did not cover our genitals. Her softly rounded buttocks

gleamed in the dim light. "Watch me" she said to her girl

friend, and I turned her a bit so the others could have a good

view. Now she reached for the jar, put a large dab on her middle

finger, and reached around to lubricate her anus well. Her

finger circled the tight opening, then dipped expertly into it

for a moment, like lips licking freshly-made whipped cream from

the spoon. She reached back to me, touching my hard cock,

caressing the head with Vaseline , and urging me forward. I held

her hips and let her hand guide my movements. The hole was very

tight at first, but she motioned me to press it rhytHydromaxically, and

as I worked it began to loosen, allowing the end of my cock to

finally enter her. She began to pant, and pulled me toward her

more. In a sudden thrilling stroke, I felt her open and slip

around the head of my penis, holding me in a tight pulsating

grip .

The others had moved to the deeper water . The roommate had

wrapped her legs around her lover's so as to hold herself

backward to him, fully inserted. They were looking at Tattoo's

ass with my cock buried halfway in the delicious opening. While

the guy worked slowly within her, the roommate walked him closer

and reached out to place her palm on Tattoo's ass. Now she

reached over it to hold it with both hands, staring with loving

fascination at my cock moving slowly in the throbbing hole. She

pulled Tattoo's ass apart so we could all see the contractions

that squeezed me. She laid her face on Tattoo's ass-cheek and

reached under to titillate my balls, feel my cock, feel Tattoo's

anus squeezing, and finally to caress her clitoris.

Now with one hand holding the base of my penis and the other

rubbing Tattoo we began to work in earnest. Tattoo began to moan

softly and the guy began to move more quickly, causing the

roommate to breathe faster and rub Tattoo harder. I could feel

Tattoo opening up, loosening the grip on my cock as her throbbing

quickened. My orgasm was building closer, and so was hers. The

guy groaned as he began to pump semen into the roommate, who

slumped on Tattoo but kept rubbing. Tattoo's grasp on me yawned

very loose, and I knew she was going to cum as I did, throbs

mixed with throbs, the roommate feeling my penis and Tattoo's

anus while we came, semen oozing in large drools from her,

lubricating her more, making it easy to slide and feel the

strong, vibrant contractions.


Later, we relaxed at the apartment. It wasn't late, and

none of us felt the need to dress. Tattoo's roommate was

squirmy, not having cum in the pool, but her boyfriend and I were

spent. "We won't let it go to waste", Tattoo told her, and went

to the bedroom. When she returned, she was carrying a very long

double dildo and the small jar of Vaseline . So the girls

arranged us at each end of the couch so they could recline on us,

lying crotch to crotch. With Tattoo's head on my chest, I had a

beautiful view of her roommate's still-wet pussy as she worked

her end of the dildo in. Soon both the girls' pussies were

contentedly suckling the dildo as they rubbed their clits. I

lifted one of Tattoo's legs up high so I could touch her anus.

As I did, she snuggled closer and nodded her head. With a slight

pressure, the already-loosened opening accepted my finger. "You

need to catch up to us", she told her roommate, who muttered

"mm-Hydromaxm" and pressed harder on herself. The guy was squeezing

both her nipples hard, now in time to her hip motions. A few

more moments of masturbation and her pussy was contracting

strongly on the rubber, leaving it slick and wet when her

contractions forced some of it outward.

For me, that was the end of my relaxing. I had to shift

Tattoo so my rising penis could escape. I guided her off the

dildo, and rolled her over so she was crouched facing the way she

had been, and moved her back to her roommate. Her lovely ass

moved proudly as her vagina regained the comfort of the rubber

device which communicated her friend's motions, her hands under

her to masturbate. I kneeled behind her, over the dildo, which

was long enough to allow my presence. I placed the head of my

penis at her anus, still lubricated and, at its center, wet from

my earlier cum. It began to yield as before, but this time more

quickly, ready to open for me as I pressed slightly harder with

each stroke. Soon it engulfed the entire head, Tattoo murmuring

contentment. As I stroked her with slight motions, more pressure

than moving, I felt her orgasm begin, a continuation of her

earlier throbs. There was no preliminary crescendo, just

continuing squeezes on me as I worked deeper. As we enjoyed

ourselves, we sensed the other couple leaving the couch to Tattoo

and me and the dildo.


Then we males had an idea. The other couple sat facing us

on the other couch. We sat the girls on our laps, facing away so

we could watch them while we all made love. Tattoo and I studied

the ridged underside of the guy's penis standing straight up,

engulfed in waves by an already dripping vagina. And he watched

intently as Tattoo slid herself onto me, her warmth a rolling

heat wave down my cock. Now, as Tattoo and I took turns toying

with Tattoo's clitoris, the other couple put on a show. She

raised herself so about half of his cock showed, and began to

stroke it with her hand. On each stroke she touched her own clit

briefly, but she was working mainly on him. Her eyes were on

Tattoo and me; she was interested in our reaction. She raised

more, masturbated his cock until he was quite hot, then lowered

herself onto him to prolong the ecstasy. She stroked up & down

with her body a few times, then again lifted. With both hands

she urged his explosion, the head of his cock firmly within her,

but most of the shaft exposed for Tattoo and me to observe.

Tattoo gasped as his penis contracted and began to throb. Soon

his semen began to run down over his testicles, and she reached

to push the precious lubricant to her clit. Before he had

finished, she too was cumming on him, slumping forward to our



A shaft of sunlight in my eyes half awakened me. Tattoo lay

facing away from me in her bed, sleeping soundly. I carefully

pulled the sheet down to look at her in the light. Now I saw

that she had shaved her anus (or, I thought jealously, more

likely someone else had that pleasure). It still retained in its

tiny folds some of the lubricant from the night before, and there

was a dried trail of my semen leading from it. As I lay there

admiring her softly rounded form, she began to stir in her sleep,

moving to press her rear against me. Warmed, I dozed. I awoke

with a morning erection and Tattoo staring at it. Sleepily she

rolled away, then heaved toward me. I turned on my side to meet

her. She reached to her anus to test its slickness with a

finger. Apparently it was sufficient, because she moved closer

and used her hand to lift her buttocks apart. I placed my penis

at the now familiar opening, and she began slowly and sleepily to

rock her hips, just enough to apply light pressure. The sun had

moved; now it illuminated our point of meeting, making clear the

contours of her flesh as it yielded to each of her movements.

She sighed as she lengthened her strokes to press the head of my

rock-hard penis into herself. Soon we were again connected as we

had been, but with a sleepy gentleness overlaying our subdued

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