Dec 4, 2003
Lately, even though I actively lift weights and have been pretty consistent with working out for a long time, I am finding getting a good stretch in with Penis Enlargement excercises to be harder and harder. It is not so much that I have to apply more force than my muscles can muster, it is just that to get a good stretch on the tunica, I am finding it just wears out my arms so much that it can make lifting heavier weights almost dangerous as your arms are already worn out if you did your Penis Enlargement workout beforehand (so in other words, I lift first). Unfortunately, if you workout first, your arms and hands are somewhat stressed from lifting, especially if you are a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell user like I am.

So this got me to thinking that aside from the grip , for all the different kinds of stretches there are, do you really need to use your arms to do stretches ?

Well, through a little experimentation, I found out you can do all kinds of concentric excercises that give you a good full body workout by just using your penis as flexible form of force resistance. Now, this might sound hilarious, but I am actually being serious here and you can even workout your legs by attaching a Bib Hanger and then have a piece of rope attached to a an adjustable dog collar wrapped around my feet. Also, if you wrap first with an ace bandage, if you use a cable tie (not cable clamp) to grip just below the glans, you can attach the rope and get a better stretch on the tunica. This causes a little discomfort, so I am trying to think up a better method. I guess I could try my VLC tugger, but I have problems keeping it from popping off when I experimented with leg stretches .

Anyways, for upper body work here is how you do can workout your other muscles and not put too much stress on the arms exclusively but I will cover those as well.


Palms Up Crossover Stretch - This is for your pecs and will work your pecs out in a manner simliar to what you get from doing flyes if you grab the penis using a palms up grip and then pull across (kind of like when you execute a crossing punch), so that your penis gets stretched in a horizontal direction opposite from your pulling arm when standing up. If this is hard to visualize, think of what happens when you cross your arms together real hard and then feel your pecs contract. Well by pulling your penis off to the side, you will be getting this stretch at a horizontal angle.

Palms Up Pullout Stretch - This is for your pecs and functions like what you get from the various forms of the press (bench, dumbell, incline, etc.). The key here is not to use your forearms as if you were doing a hammer curl or your shoulders as if you were doing front dumbbell or barbell raises. The key is to feel the pull using your chest muscles only and not your triceps.

Upper Back

Palms Down Pullback Stretch - This is basically the opposite of the crossover stretch in that you are using your back muscles instead of your chest muscles to pull your penis out to the side. Grap your penis with palms down and pull your penis out to the same side that your pulling arm is from. Concentrate on hitting the back muscles and not your shoulders. For people who know how to do "rows" properly when lifting, you will know what I am talking about here.

Palms Up Pullback Stretch - Basically the same as the palms down pullback stretch except this is akin to doing reverse grip rows, while the palms down pullback stretch is like doing regular rows. For people who know and can feel the difference, the reverse grip rows tend to hit the middle back more while regular rows hit the upper back more. This is very hard to get used to because the grip is so unnatural, neverthless it will hit a different group of back muscles than what you get from the palms down method of this stretch .

Lower Back

Palms Up Pushback Stretch - While standing pull your penis out and with either one or two hands grip the penis in a firm position while fixating your shoulders in such a way that they are comfortably relaxed in a manner similiar to holding your upper body up comfortably using your shoulder joints as opposed to using your chest. Now, push your butt back while maintaining the hold and position of your hands and shoulders so that your lower back muscles are used for generating the force, not your arms, chest, and shoulders. This is hard to do and you will end up using your arms somewhat to keep your shoulders and arms fixated in place against the retracting force of your back muscles, but in general it puts little strain on your arms and the tug is mostly from the push back of your butt. This is akin to doing a two man tug of war stretch (never done this, but it has been mentioned before).


Palms Down Pullup Stretch - This is almost the same as the palms up pullout stretch , except that instead you are pulling up and hitting your deltoids muscles.

Palms Down Pullside Horizontal Stretch - Basically the same as the regular palms down pullback stretch , except instead of pulling your penis back you pull it out to the side. This if done properly will hit your trapezius muscles.


Palms Up Curl Stretch - Generally most stretches execute in the hammer curl range of motion, so to do a regular curl you need to grip the penis and then have your palms rotate out so that they are completely up. Then contract your biceps and pull up. If you don't turn your palms out so that they are completely up, then you will be doing a hammer curl.

Palms Up Hammer Curl Stretch - Grip the penis palms up and pull straight up. Pretty simple. It is more difficult to do the palms up curl stretch since you need to make sure you rotate your hand to face completely up which is an unnatural hold compared to the hammer curl stretch .


Palms Down Pullout Stretch - Grip the penis palms down and extend your arm out. Try not to use your shoulders too much when doing this as you want to focus on your lower tricep muscles.

Palms Down Pullside Horizontal Leaning Stretch - Same as the palms down pullside horizontal stretch , except that you lean to the opposite side you are pulling towards and extend your arm out. This will hit your upper tricep which has more muscle and strength in it, so you can get more tension from this method than the palms down pullout stretch which hits the lower triceps a little better. In other words, if you are pulling to your horizontal left, you are leaning to the right as you would during a side bend.

So anyways, for people who find they have problems doing manual excercises because their arms tire out too fast, here is some stuff I came up with on my own as to ways you can more proportionately use the rest of your muscles to get that all important manual stretch on your penis. I suppose with a little skill and practice you could turn these stretches into jelqs , so maybe some of the veterans here can chime in and expand on these ideas since I feel one of the biggest limitations newbies have to gaining is that they just don't have the strength or endurance in their arms to workout their unit well enough to really tax it. Some people of course have more stubborn tunicas and ligs than other people, so they just might have to "pull harder" and "pull longer" to see real gains. Unfortunately, the arms can tire pretty fast from a good Penis Enlargement workout, so hopefully these excercises will allow Penis Enlargement'ers to workout longer and harder and workout the rest of their body as well.

Also, just like pushups are sometimes a good followup to heavy chest excercises, perhaps for the weightlifting types like me and a lot of other guys here, a good followup "Full Body Penis Enlargement Workout" might be a great way of killing two birds with one stone for getting some of those stubborn muscles to get taxed just a little more, while taxing that tunica a little more after you get done hanging or doing whatever you do. Plus, if you are on the road as a salesman, consultant, or else you have a job in the military, you can keep yourself strong all around by using your penis as a resistance device.


Jun 15, 2003
Great thinking. I might try it.